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By: Farmbuild  05-Apr-2012
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FarmBuild - Proven Building Process

With over 70 years experience building farm buildings throughout the South Island, we’ve had plenty of time to perfect the process of providing our clients with the best possible building experience and a building that exceeds expectations.

Over time we have developed a robust process to ensure every project is a total success for all concerned. Please see below for a summary.

Determine the Budget & Finalize Plans

All building must be completed within a budget so the first step is to run your draft plans past our registered quantity surveyor. This will give you a ‘ball park figure’ for your project.

If your plans are within your budget, you can confidently take the next step of having your documentation finalized. If your plans are beyond your budget, then they can be altered at this early stage before any more money and time is invested.

Over the years we have built up and collected a lot of farm building plans and some of these are available on this website for viewing. If you think one or a combination of these plans will work for you then we can provide costs for the project very quickly.

Decide Terms of Engagement

There are two common ways of engaging us to build your project. You can opt for a fixed price contract where basically, you give us the plans and we give you a fixed price and take care of everything - you can go on holiday if you want.

Alternatively you can enter into a negotiated contract where you get involved in the project and we work together making the major decisions and selecting materials and sub contractors.

Fixed Price

  • Once you have a set of complete plans and associated documented specifications we will get our quantity surveyor to calculate the exact costs. We then provide you with a fixed price contract. This is a binding contract and will provide you with the comfort of knowing there are no hidden costs.


  • This is done on a number of larger jobs and sometimes with renovation work. We mutually agree to a standard labour cost and margin and then work with you to select subcontractors and materials. This is more of an ‘open book’ arrangement where we work alongside each other reviewing and approving all subcontractors, materials and costs. With this option the process is more dynamic and you play a larger role.

Project Delivery

Once a contract is signed by both parties we will provide you with:

  • A start and completion date.
  • Payment schedule of estimated accounts for each month through to completion.

Progress Reports

At the end of every month a quantity surveyor or another mutually approved person will visit the site to prepare a progress report. This will provide a complete breakdown of what work has been completed and the materials used that month.


The costs in the report are transferred to an invoice that needs to be paid on or before the 20th of the following month. The Invoice/Statement will also illustrate payments to date and the outstanding balance. In the case of a negotiated contract the outstanding balance may be a projected amount. There will be more details about Terms and Conditions for payment included in the contract signed by each party.


If there is a change of plan due to an unforeseen situation or an extra is required, this is documented on a Variance Sheet. The Variance Sheet will include the scope of work and associated costs and will be submitted for approval to the mutually approved person before any work is carried out. Once approved, it will be included in the monthly progress report and will show up on the monthly invoice as a variance.


We understand the vital importance of keeping communication lines open. On our larger contracts we locate mobile offices which usually have computers with internet broadband (where available). This enables us to easily stay in touch with you the client and required services and contractors throughout New Zealand and overseas.

To aid communication we photograph and video the whole construction process from start to finish. We find this electronic record enables us to keep in touch, in real time and have the information we need, on hand when we need it.

We will hold regular on-site meetings with you and relevant other services. When required we also involve the site foreman and/or Managing Director of FarmBuild, Colin Gregg. All relevant information, issues and decisions are documented in the meeting minutes and submitted to everybody in attendance for approval. This provides an ongoing record for future reference if needed.


Once we have finished building your project we go over the entire building from the floor to the ceiling, from the hot water to the doors and so on and so on double checking everything before you start to use it. If convenient, we like to meet with you and show you around your new building. We will also give you the contact details for the sub contactors and services used on the project.

Backup Service

We stand by our quality workmanship and provide ongoing support, even for the smallest matters. Often we receive phone calls from clients about; “how does this work again” or, “how do I turn this off?” Please remember, we are only a phone call away and we expect you to call us if you have any problems.

You might be just thinking about building, be part way down track or ready to go. Whatever your situation contact us to find out more about how FarmBuild can help.

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