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By: Ethical Blue Pearls  05-Apr-2012
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November 2010, Article in The Goldsmith magazine - "Blue Pearls from New Zealand"

When people think of New Zealand, they think nature, brilliant blues of the Pacific, sweeping beaches, the roar of the ocean, wild and green forests and an open and fresh culture.
Blue Pearls from New Zealand capture all of these images, with the stunningly bright blue and green colours of the ocean and forests through to the gold, pink and violet colours of dawn and sunsets.
They are unique in the pearl world because of their origin and colour.

June 2011, Media Release - "National Association of Goldsmiths and The British Jewellery Association form Ethics Working Group"

National Association of Goldsmiths & British Jewellers’ Association Join Forces For Ethical Standards.

The British Jewellers’ Association this week demonstrated it’s commitment to assist members in achieving ethical supply chains by uniting with The National Association of Goldsmiths Ethics Working Committee initiative.

Realising that many small businesses are faced with substantial challenges when trying to assess ethical credentials of suppliers, the BJA and NAG have together taken the step towards bridging the gap between British jewellers and international small scale producers.. Read more..

Keywords: Blue Pearls