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By: Energy Guardian  05-Apr-2012
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The Energy Guardian Chiller module is a fully-fitted solution designed to lower the running costs of your cooling units and increase chiller efficiency.


With a typical pub, bar, restaurant or club using up to 35% of their energy on drinks and food chillers, the potential for savings are significant. Food processing or food storage facilities have an even higher percentage spend and can benefit from even greater savings.

The potential for saving varies between 10% at the low end and 23% at the higher end, with a typical saving coming in around 18%. This depends of the type of chiller you have, the ambient conditions and how you use your chillers.

Once we understand your energy spend in detail, we can recommend and justify the costs of one or more of the following energy-saving technologies to increase your chiller efficiency:

  • Timed switching - if you have a scenario where you have need of chilled products only at certain times, we can look to automate the control of your chillers. This will ensure that they come on sufficiently early before your required service time to allow your product to cool down to its optimum serving temperature in good time. Typical best savings for this technology are for chillers which are used for relatively short periods with long gaps between the required usage times, such as club restaurants or bars where the club is not used during the day. In these instances we can for example remotely turn on your drinks chillers at 5pm, ready for 8pm service and then turn them off again at 12pm.
  • Torque optimisation - if your chiller is working in conditions where the compressor is generally off, firing up every now and again to chill your product and then cutting out again for a significant period, a lot of energy is wasted in the period between cooling cycles. This is because the motor on your chiller is optimised for use when it is actively chilling and not when it is just idling. By closely monitoring the energy requirement of your chiller motor, we can reduce the energy it consumes during these inefficient idling periods.
  • Compressor cycle optimisation - many chillers have thermostats that switch on and off at a certain temperature, keeping your product at your preset temperature almost exactly. Because of their design, keeping this precise temperature means that the compressor is firing up many times, often for very short periods as the temperature hovers around the set point. Our Cycle Saver technology mimics the properties of food stuffs and instead of hovering on and off precisely around a fixed point based on air temperature, it works by using the product temperature itself as the trigger for the chiller to cut in and out. Because your product retains its temperature for longer than the air around it, this results in fewer, longer compressor cycles per day, allowing the compressor to run in a more energy-efficient manner whilst also extending the life of your chiller.

Q: What's in Cycle Saver?

A: Cycle Saver contains an high molecular weight, aliphatic hydrocarbon compound which is approved for use in the food industry and mimics the properties of common food stuffs and beverages. Its clever design induces a hysteresis cycle within the chiller which reduces the number of cycles the compressor activates. Because the compressor is running far fewer stop-start cycles, it runs in a more energy-efficient manner and hence saves you money.

Q: I have a vending machine operated by [large soft drink company]. Can I use your technology to save money?

A: Maybe. We have seen some vending machines that cost over £700 per year to run. Their design is truly lamentable. Our technologies can save significant money in these cases but some large drinks companies can be very "protective" about what is done to their machine, so it is best to ask permission first. Whether they allow the energy-saving technologies to be used or not, we can still easily monitor the energy they use during the course of the year giving you plenty of management information in order to evaluate their benefit to your organisation.

Q: Does your Torque Controller save money all the time?

A: No, it only saves you money when the motor is idling. When the compressor is active the torque controller system automatically goes into a bypass mode.

Q: How quickly does the Cycle Saver pay for itself?

A: Because the Cycle Saver is inexpensive and yet delivers such a clear energy-saving benefit, the payback period ("ROI") is typically around 9 - 12 months although this does vary from case to case.

Q: Is Cycle Saver safe to use?

A: Yes. The Cycle Saver uses basic thermodynamic principles to optimise the way the compressor runs within a chiller. There are no electrical connections, no complicated installation problems and the aliphatic hydrocarbon inside the Cycle Saver is non-toxic.

Q: How do I tell the Cycle Saver which product is being chilled?

A: The Cycle Saver works to optimise your existing thermostat inside your chiller. Assuming your thermostat was correctly specified at the time of purchase or was supplied with or as part of your chiller, then Cycle Saver simply improves the performance of your existing thermostat. If you existing thermostat is working correctly, so will your Cycle Saver optimised thermostat.

Q: Will fitting your technologies affect my warranty?

A: No. As Cycle Saver does not change the function of the chiller or the mechanism in any way it is perfectly acceptable to install it without affecting your warranty.

Q: Does Cycle Saver change the temperature of the product being chilled?

A: Because we chill for longer periods than normal, the temperature of the product will drop slightly (possibly by one degree) compared to pre-installation of Cycle Saver. You can compensate for this by turning up your thermostat setting by a degree, saving energy as you do so.

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Keywords: Chiller Efficiency, Chiller Optimizer, Energy Saving,

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