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By: Energy Guardian  05-Apr-2012
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Energy Guardian - Energy Savings Made Simple

Summary - what we know about Energy Savings


Energy management is now a global concern, and governments worldwide are recognising the significant contribution that the commercial sector must make.Compliance is being encouraged through a mixture of carrot and stick - with both incentive schemes and financial penalties.

In summary, many organisations must act now to comply with new and forthcoming legislation but, by adopting more energy-efficient modes of working, there are considerable savings and benefits to be enjoyed.

What do we know about energy savings?

The first step in making savings is simply to monitor your energy profile.Enistic’s experience with customers shows that up to 10% can be trimmed from energy bills through detailed, accurate measurement, which will highlight areas of concern that can easily be changed.

For instance, one Enistic client, Cheltenham Borough Council, used a smart-metering system to assess how best to configure their office space (e.g. individual versus open-plan offices).As well as informing their office planning, however, the monitoring project also quickly revealed that some timer controls, previously installed to reduce energy consumption, were actually faulty.Replacing the controls was inexpensive and had instant benefits.

Enistic’s powerful software, with its range of reporting and analytics functionality, has been developed as a response to customers, who have repeatedly shown the importance of employee engagement for any energy-saving programme.IBM was an early adopter and, in its sample office, achieved savings of 20% overall by using the Enistic system and recorded an increase of 40% in staff awareness of the company’s energy-saving measures.In addition, the employee group who had access to personal energy consumption data (via Enistic’s Energy Manager Online) recorded an additional 10% savings over colleagues who only received information about the whole office’s energy usage.The study clearly demonstrates the impact of a higher degree of personal engagement – something that is simple to achieve by sharing easy-to-use online reporting and allowing users to drill right down to see, for example, the impact of their individual workstation.

In combination with simple behavioural change, and exposure of obvious anomalies in patterns of energy usage, Enistic has found that considerable savings can be made through the introduction of active energy management controls.Many Enistic devices contain switches, including all smart sockets and smart strips, suitable for use with any typical office equipment.These switches can be remotely or automatically set to turn on/off using Energy Manager software.

This leads to a simple solution for organisations of all sizes: at one extreme, the three-person office of Interior Control in Peterborough cut its electricity consumption by 37% in 2010 just by using 5-way smart sockets and Energy Manager.On a much larger scale, one of our American distributors, Smart Office Energy Solutions, conducted an Enistic baseline study at the Lyric Centre in Houston (a skyscraper with 390,000 square feet of mostly office and conference space) to find that over a third of the building’s total energy was consumed by equipment plugged into wall sockets.A reduction of 40% was achieved through a combination of engaging with building users (who were encouraged to monitor their personal contribution on desktop PCs or via mobile devices) and automatic shutdowns when rooms were not in use.In addition to these significant savings, the building can also now be marketed as a more ‘green’ office space.

Energy Guardian: a proven solution

Enistic has already worked with over 200 clients from public and private sectors, both in the UK and overseas.A consistent approach has been developed of recording baseline energy consumption and then helping users identify areas of potential savings, through a combination of behavioural and process changes, automatic energy management and infrastructural improvements.

Enistic’s Energy Guardian is designed to offer practical guidance to organisations, through accurate real-time smart-metering combined with analytics and tailor-made energy coaching that highlights low-cost solutions and changes that are realistically achievable.

In order to offer a flexible, scalable approach, Energy Guardian is based around eight modules:

1. Total incoming electrical feed

2. Gas and Water

3. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

4. Lighting

5. Microgeneration

6. Central IT (servers, etc)

7. Desktop IT

8. Office peripherals

As discussed above, patterns of energy consumption can be very informative about how effectively a facility is operating.Heating and lighting tend to be significant areas of expense, and savings can be made by more efficient use of existing systems and/or by the introduction of cost-effective solutions such as low-energy lighting.

Enistic developed an accurate pulse meter to monitor electricity generated by renewable installations, such as solar PV and wind turbines.This gives organisations, such as Saffron Housing Trust who own and manage 4,500 properties in East Anglia and are trialling solar generation, the data required to make an informed decision about whether to roll out and continue to develop such pilot schemes.

Enistic’s energy-savings solution - it just works

In summary, Enistic’s Energy Guardian:

● enables organisations to cut their energy bills by an average of 21%

● is a fully-managed solution - including installation, analysis and personalised energy coaching

● is tried and tested: Enistic has experience of working with over 200 clients from private and public sectors

● has compelling ROI - it pays for itself quickly.

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