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By: Dilana Workshop  05-Apr-2012
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Marquettes for the Floor
- a spontaneous collection of miniature rugs  

The Brief:
Dilana invited 7 artists to participate in a Marquette workshop utilising the surplus yarn stores of over 1000 colours. Each artist resolved their idea in a square metre or less.

Opens in Auckland only on the 24th November at Dilana's Gallery at 40 George Stree, Mt Eden, phone 09 630 2337

Online Sale 10 Days only
A great opportunity to purchase direct from the dilana workshop . Since February 22nd at 12:51pm business at our Christchurch based Workshop & Gallery has been quiet. So we've taken the initiative and put together a fabulous online sale, allowing friends and followers the opportunity to purchase our latest and most current limited edition rugs. In reflection of this date, we have reduced our listed price by 22.1251%. Also included are a selection of heritage and archive rugs at generously reduced prices.

Sale ends Monday 14th November at midday

Marquettes for the Floor!
The recipe:
- invite 8 or so ripe artists... separate out the ideas
- reduce to less than 1 square metres
- assemble at our Christchurch workshop
- add lashings of coloured yarn.. mix well
- season with collaboration... simmer for 2 weeks
Voila! a delicious and spontaneous collection of miniature rugs. Full tasting opens in Auckland at 40 George Street on the 24th of November.

Our friends Mr Bigglesworthy are showcasing their hand-picked UK Collection of mid-century modern furniture.  All pieces showing from 18-23 November at 40 George Street.

We hope you can take advantage of our on line sale - best wishes from us all at dilana.

Government House Case Study

Dilana's Gallery at 40 George Street, Mt Eden, Auckland welcomes Mr Bigglesworthy & Katie Battersby!

Mr. Bigglesworthy is dedicated to offering some of the best retro furniture, art and vintage industrial design from right here in New Zealand and around the globe.


Natural Fast Track by Custom Carpets

Soon to be available - a highly


eco carpet. Free from all man-made synthetics, Natural Fast Track uses a palette of all natural coloured wools, which are machine woven into room sized area-rugs or wall to wall fitted carpet.

pictured: 'Dots & Dashes' by Michael Reed, wall to wall carpet 48oz Axminster.

Dilana Auckland Gallery

Over the coming 8 weeks we will be showing our latest work by Chaira Corbelletto, Darryn George & John Reynolds at 40 George Street, Mt Eden.
Our hours are Thursday - Friday 10 to 5pm, Saturday 10 to 3pm & by appointment please phone 09 630 2337

Positively post shake - April 2011

Lots of supportive messages followed the February earthquake and we’re very grateful for your concern. Thankfully all staff, their families, artists and our workshop escaped without harm - and it’s business as usual.

French connections


Threads for treads

Grid additions

21st - 25th January 2010

Maison & Objet

Moa Room (our Paris representative) exhibited at Maison & Objet last weekend in Paris. Dilana was pleased to show their rugs in such fine company as Boskke, Wanaka Living & David Trubridge.

from left:
Hugh Bannerman - Dilana
Jake Morris - Boskke
Ben Wilson - Wanaka Living
Roderick Fry - Moa Room



Thursday 25th of November

Dilana will be having a sale of selected retired editions, workshop & artist proofs & refurbished ex showroom rugs at AVID Gallery in Wellington starting tomorrow. Sale runs Friday 26th & Saturday 27th November from 10-5pm, and also Sunday 28th November 10-12pm.

6th September 2010

Christchurch & Canterbury was stuck by a 7.1 earthquake at 4:36am on Saturday morning.

Everybody at Dilana are fine and our workshop has survived completely intact. We have been very lucky.

Our thoughts are with the other residents of Christchurch & Canterbury that haven't been so fortunate.

August 2010News from Dilana

In September, Robyn and Hugh will be in Paris, as Dilana is showing at a Design Fair, Maison+Object et Meuble Paris. The stand will exhibit selected rugs by Bing Dawe, Gavin Chilcott and Tim Main.
Simultaneously a wider collection of six works will open at the Moa Room's newly renovated space located in the Republique Arrondissement.

The series of rug designs was initially drawn from a bookshelf in Darryn’s living room. “I like to take something from the everyday, simplify it and then invest it with spiritual significance, making it part of my personal symbolism. It's a long process, not straightforward," he says."With Pohi #6, the slot in the bookshelf suggested a postbox, and the idea of mail, where an object moves from one place to another, as the spirit might move between planes of spirituality." The rug title,Pohi (post or postbox) alludes to this aspect of the work."In Spirit Level#2,the simplified image of the builder's level and the kowhaiwhai togetherrepresent evenness of spirit. Barnett Newman, the American 20th centuryabstract expressionist, painted very simple forms. Speaking about a painting which featured a single line drawn in the centre of the canvas,Newman said something like: 'When you're looking at this, you'll be pointed towards God'.He made big claims for his work." In this series of work, Darryn is creating a connection between the literal world and a spiritual dimension, as Newman did.
There are some new departures from Darryn's current work in this series. “Initially, I was a colourist, then in 2004 decided to restrict my palette to the traditional Maori colourings of red, black and naturalearth. During the making of this series of rugs, I began to expand the palette again, working in ‘regal’ colours such as purple.” Spirit Level# has richly blended areas of black and a purple/blue suggesting streams or rivers.Darryn worked closely with our director, Hugh Bannerman, and rugmaker Sam Maloney. He says that the process was surprisingly simple. “Sam seesme as a natural rug designer. I found surprisingly little conceptual difference between developing the paintings and the rugs. Sam and Hugh were invaluable in providing suggestions, such as making some areas moresculptural, and experimenting with new blends to enhance colours.” Working closely with Darryn, Sam has formulated a special blend of tonesto produce the ‘Darryn George red’ signature colour seen in this rug series.
Darryn has a busy exhibition schedule as well as being Head of Art at Christ’s College. He will be taking part in the 'Scapes' outdoorexhibition in Christchurch in September, as well as having solo shows at the Brooke Gifford Gallery in Christchurch and the Peter McCleavey Gallery in Wellington later this year.Visit on our website.
Older Posts..

Dilana Website Launch

Avis Higgs Rug Sparks Designer’s Inventiveness

The exhibition’s premise is that design is a discourse, and that the everyday can be used as a stimulus for new design. Designers have contributed new ideas, each based on a familiar object. The show runs from 15 May to 26 June.

Hugh and Robyn Bannerman Visit Hawke’s Bay Artists

During May, Robyn and Hugh took advantage of the extended good weather and visited some of our artists in Hawke’s Bay.

Martin’s new studio was in the process of construction — he expects it to be open in August.

Fane and Jo made the sculpture between them entirely of local grapevines.

Don Peebles — a Great Mentor, and a Great Friend

Don’s role as mentor to Hugh Bannerman was enormously helpful to the success of the business, but it will be as a friend that he will be the most missed.

Visiting European Architects and Designers

Dilana Rugs recently hosted a visit from a group of architects and designers studying the wool industry in New Zealand as part of a project to develop a concept hotel incorporating wool.

The 13 top architects — from the US, Germany, Japan, UK, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark — were joined by a New Zealand architect to take part in a challenge to design a concept hotel complex, which would incorporate wool in every possible respect.

Conceived by German-based AIT Online architecture magazine, the project was hosted by the National Council of New Zealand Wool Interests, with the aim of promoting wool as a sustainable, versatile material.

National Council chairman Stephen Fookes said the project’s aim was to bring wool back into the architecture and design industry’s awareness or “re-introduce it as an interior textile, create awareness and increase the demand of New Zealand wool as an interior textile not only into existing areas where it traditionally fits but new areas as well”.

Michael Reed Takes His Dilana Runner to the USA

Works included the Dilana Rugs carpet runner, “Runner for Corridors of Power, Right, Might, and Profit”; several satirical medallions with titles such as “Good Grunt”; a series of 16 hand-printed bandages (“Business as Usual”); and a hand-printed limited edition book, “StillKill”.

Keywords: Artists, Rugs, Wool, Wool Industry