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By: Diesel Pumps  06-Dec-2011
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Injector Pump:

The injector pump is the heart and control of the diesel engine. With microns of clearance it sets the time and amount of fuel delivered to the combustion chamber.

We have specialist test benches (AVM PC2, Bosch 815) and training to service a wide range of makes and models of injector pumps.


High pressure fuel from the pump is atomized and distributed around the combustion chamber creating efficient fuel burn for power and economy.

We have specialized injector machines that are compatible with a wide range of injector assemblies. The nature of our equipment allows for a fast and efficient turn around.


Excess energy from the exhaust gas is used to power a compressor wheel creating positive pressure on the inlet side of the engine. This adds more oxygen to the combustion process resulting in extra power.

At Diesel Pumps we use a Giesler balancer and have a great parts backup to service you're your turbo needs.

Vehicle Servicing and Repair:

Regular maintenance gives longer life and efficiency to any vehicle. Any minor problems should be repaired before they become major ones.

We offer a complete bumper to bumper service using Valvoline lubricants.

Diesel Pumps use four different vehicle scanners to integrate engine computers for diagnostics.

Common Rail Diagnostic and Repair:

This is the latest system of fuel delivery and control of the diesel engine. It is extremely accurate and fast for powerful clean engines.

With small tolerances and full electronic control, diagnostics are the key to cost effective repair.

At Diesel Pumps we have state of the art industry training and operate the most up to date equipment.

Petrol Injector Servicing:

Our New Age programmable machine allows us to clean, check flows and patterns of EFI injectors. This is often an overlooked, but crucial component, when servicing petrol engines. The brand of this machine is New Age.

Power Upgrades:

We all want more power and with manufactures often conservative in their settings it can be practical to up power and torque within safe limits. Be it a simple boost setting, fuel setting, timing setting or a full blown turbo and intercooler upgrade. Diesel Pumps have many options available.

At Diesel Pumps we operate the Steinbauer Power Module for safe accurate upgrading of the latest electronically controlled diesel engines. Often this results in fuel economy gains in commercial truck and tractor fleet units.

Keywords: Diesel Pumps, Fuel, Pumps, Vehicle Servicing

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Steinbauer the finest diesel power module

This power module has been developed following years of research and testing, it is subject to rigorous quality control measures. Steinbauer is the ultimate performance enhancer for your passenger vehicle, 4x4, bus, truck, tractor and motorhome. At Diesel Pumps we operate the required equipment to ensure installation is as efficient as possible.