NZVel Sports Bio

NZVel Sports Bio from Deer Velvet

By: Deer Velvet  07-May-2009
Keywords: Health Care, Stress, Joints

NZVel Sports Bio is a new patented formula that allows the body to assimulate up to 70% more than traditional Deer Velvet products. With our 750mg capsules and a recommended daily dose of 2000mg, Enhance Bio provides you a far superior and cost affective product.

By Blending Bio-Active Deer Velvet powder with Ginseng, Angelica, Liquorice and Carthamiseman it is seen as a natural way to increase your physical strength, energy and promote rapid healing by aiding the regeneration of damaged tissue. Sports Bio is specially blended for athletes and the more active personality.

Keywords: Collagen, Glucosamine, Health Care, Joints, Stress