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By: Datapro Solutions  06-Dec-2011
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Providing you with timely, targeted information on key parts of your business in a format designed to meet your needs.

What do we do?

Over the last ten years we’ve helped numerous companies and organisations around NZ and Australia, many of them in the tourism and leisure industries, to find out what their customers think about the service they’ve received. This has allowed them to make ongoing improvements to their standards, resulting in more satisfied customers.

Customer Surveys - let your customers tell you what to do

  • Do you know what your customers and potential customers think about your service?
    • Do you know what they like?
    • Do you know what they would buy more of?
    • Do you know what they don't like about your service or product?
  • Do you know if they would recommend you to their family, friends or colleagues?
  • Are you trying to decide where to spend your time, money and effort for the coming year?

We can help you to set up and run customer surveys - either as a one-off or on an ongoing basis. Listening to your customers’ feedback will bring better customer service and that brings lots of benefits.

Why bother?

  • You get to know what your customers really think of you
  • You get detailed feedback which you can follow-up
  • You get high level management reporting of the top issues
  • You know where to invest your time and money for the greatest pay-off for customers
  • Your business efficiency is improved
  • You’ll get ahead of your competitors
  • You can report on trends over time
  • You’ll get feedback on specific members of staff which means you can follow up on any issues and reward and recognise any shining stars
  • Customers know you love them and become advocates

Linking Customer Satisfaction and Companies’ Financial Performance

We are often asked by our survey (Insight) clients about the link between customer satisfaction and companies’ financial performance. While it seems intuitive that if you survey your customers and then make improvements based on the feedback, your customers will be more satisfied and therefore come back, spend more and generate positive word of mouth referrals - but can this be measured?

“The Ultimate Question,” a book by the loyalty guru Fred Reichheld details his research findings, showing clear evidence of the correlation between financial performance and the percentage of customers who are active advocates (‘promoters’ in his terminology), of a brand.

Using the one question “would you recommend this company / service / brand to your friends / colleagues” he gives customers a Net Promoter Score (NPS), identifying them as promoters, passively satisfied (happy but wouldn’t rave about it) and detractors, the most dangerous of all - who tell their friends and colleagues about the negative experiences they have. We’ve all heard the adage that a disgruntled customer is likely to tell seven people about a poor experience.

He saw how companies with a high score have above average revenue growth rates for their industries. The book also investigates how leading companies transform ordinary customers into promoters.

Employee surveys - listening to your biggest assets

DataPro also works with clients to run employee feedback and employee exit surveys.

We can also help you to set up and run employee surveys - either as a one-off or on an ongoing basis.

Why employee feedback is important?

  • You get an objective measure of staff satisfaction
  • It is good for employee relations as it shows you care
  • You can identify issues about particular branches / divisions
  • You can identify management issues
  • You get to see what the trends in your business are over time
  • You can develop action plans to improve
  • It will help you prioritise which issues are going to give the biggest wins
  • You can quickly identify disgruntled employees head on and deal with any issues
  • You will get some great ideas – these are the people who see most of your customers

Key points of our service include:

  • Providing a breakdown of results by department/function/location so that comparisons can be made between parts of a business and against key performance indicators.
  • Producing reports on a regular basis, including graphs of results over time, so that ongoing trends can be monitored.
  • Prompt turnaround time for producing reports so that any action required as a result of the surveys can be taken in a timely manner.
  • Flexibility to customise questions and analysis to meet your specific requirements.
  • Web-enabled or paper based options.

We can offer clients a complete “turn-key” service, or we can offer individual components such as form design and print; development of a survey database; data entry; regular analysis and reporting. We are also able to assist with a range of survey and other data management and analysis tasks that means we can turn your data into business advantage.

We specialise in customising survey forms, processes and reporting to meet the individual needs of our clients and we are flexible to accommodate ongoing changes. We also take a partnership approach to our work so that we can help to identify relevant issues in the survey results as they arise.

Customer Case Studies

Pacific Horizon Motorhomes

Full management of the customer satisfaction survey process for Pacific Horizon and easygo motorhomes in New Zealand. Our work includes entering data from survey forms and producing monthly management reports. We also process and analyse a range of other business data that allows Pacific Horizon to better understand their forward bookings as well as the extent and nature of their bookings that are declined owing to capacity constraints.

Ski Areas Association of NZ (SAANZ)

For the last 6 years we have helped run customer satisfaction surveys for the Ski Areas Association of NZ (SAANZ) and their members (all major commercial ski areas) as well as several of the smaller ski areas in NZ. They survey everything from demographics and ski / boarding experience to satisfaction with the lift service and cafes.

We process and analyse 10,000 survey forms each year – including setting up and producing the surveys as well as entering the data. During the season we produce fortnightly reports which the ski areas use to understand what is working well for them and what they need to improve, enabling them to make tweaks to improve their service throughout the winter, without having to wait until the ski season has finished.

We also provide a comprehensive set of mid- and end-of-season reports for each ski area, plus a national report for the association overall.

As well as using the information through the current season, SAANZ use the information to help drive their marketing activity going into the next season, for example when selling season passes, either to regular customers or to previous pass holders. Having run the surveys for 6 years, SAANZ they also value the ability to measure trends over time.

The information we get from these surveys has proved invaluable to us during the last few years both in day to day management of our members’ ski areas and in overall strategic planning. DataPro turn the surveys round quickly which means that any issues and suggestions can be dealt with straight away

Miles Davidson, Executive Director, SAANZ

Tourism Holdings - Rental Division

Full management of the customer satisfaction survey process for Maui, Britz and Backpacker motorhomes in New Zealand and Australia. Our work includes entering data from survey forms and producing an extensive range of monthly and quarterly management reports as well as specific one-off reports as required from time to time.


Full management of the guest satisfaction survey process for YHANZ throughout New Zealand. Our work includes entering data from survey forms and producing a set of management reports on national results as well as results for each hostel.

Keywords: Customer Service

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