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By: Cory's  05-Apr-2012

For Mico and Corys customers it is business as usual with the added benefits that will come as we implement our new strategy. All your current
terms and conditions remain and your account can still be used across all brands and branches in New Zealand.

For Mastertrade customers we will continue to rebrand and merge our Mastertrade branches over the next 15 months or so into the Mico and
Corys branded stores. We may also open some new branches to ensure easy access for customers to our specialist plumbing, pipelines and
electrical services and supplies. Your Mastertrade team will also move to the rebranded and new branches.

In advance of each Mastertrade branch rebranding we will communicate with its customers to ensure that you know exactly what is happening.

Below for your information is a table which provides you with the names and contact details for the relevant Senior Management.

If you require further information please feel free to contact us directly.

You will also be able to check our websites for branch updates and contact details.

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