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By: Concentrate  06-Dec-2011

Are your customers happy?

Marketers are often focused on building up excitement and expectations about products. The marketing challenge is seen as raising brand awareness, generating demand in the form of leads and then doing what we can to move the sales process along.

Too little effort is given to thinking about the experience being delivered to a customer. In this highly connected world this is becoming crucial. It is so easy for a customer unhappy about your product to share that with others, so easy for negative information to be shared amongst the network of customers you are targeting.

Customer satisfaction metrics are as important as the levels of brand awareness you are achieving or the number of leads being generated. Reflecting the customer experience back into the business is also valuable for your engineering, operations and customer support teams.

That’s why Concentrate has developed a Customer Satisfaction Measurement (CSM) programme for technology companies. This programme involves establishing and regularly testing customer satisfaction benchmarks.

Academic research shows that there are just a few key factors that are real indicators of customer satisfaction. Our online survey process focuses on these key indicators, and can be completed quickly and easily by busy senior managers/business owners at your client companies.

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