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We're now talking about the 2012 events, el presidente wrote a report and there was the first part of the 2011 Alpine Classic report.
The entry form for the 2012 Classic Marathon went out with the CMSNZ's November newsletter, plus more information on the Odyssey.
Outline of upcoming events for the Classic Motoring Society, including the introduction of the Classic Marathon 2012 and South Australian Odyssey 2012. A photo from the 2011 Alpine Classic was included but no report yet.
Jumping July report, plus quick outlines of some of the upcoming events for the Classic Motoring Society of NZ.
We've got a lot on in the Classic Motoring Society, including our AGM coming up. A report on the Jittery June run, plus some information from the FOMC about some of the law changes that have come into effect.
Information on what's ahead for the Classic Motoring Society - lots to see and do. April Fools Tour with the Nelson Club and May Meander reports.
The May newsletter of CMSNZ is shorter than some of the previous months. A reminder that the Alpine Classic is now open and information about upcoming events.
No February newsletter for the Classic Motoring Society in March due to the earthquakes in Canterbury so lots of information about our upcoming events in this issue. Information and entry form on this year's Alpine Classic released and reports on the North Canterbury Ramble and the Kaikoura Weekend.
CMSNZ's February newsletter has the details of the weekend away in Kaikoura with the Nelson Classic Motoring Society, upcoming events and a report on the first run of the year.
The first newsletter of the year for CMSNZ and it includes a letter from our Chairman, information about our events coming up for this year, as well as some information about other general interest events.
A report from the Navigating November run, plus we introduce the weekend away in Kaikoura in February 2011.
Lots of information about the Navigating November run, a report on the Savouring Daylight Saving Run to Kaikoura, plus information on other events the Classic Motoring Society is running.
We're starting to plan what's happening in 2011 for the CMSNZ, plus a Spring Run report
Information about what's coming up for the Classic Motoring Society, plus a report and photos from the Akaroa Escape Weekend
Information about Classic Motoring Society runs for the rest of 2010, plus an AGM report and reports on the Straight As A Die Run and the Nostalgia Run
What the Classic Motoring Society did and what we're planning to do in June and for the rest of the year
What the Classic Motoring Society is going to be up to for the month of May 2010 and beyond, plus a report from the 2010 Classic Marathon
Covers the events coming up in the New Year for the Classic Motoring Society and a quick report from the Tasmanian Tour
What the Classic Motoring Society has been up to and what it plans to get up to!
Two months in one newsletter for this one!
Classic Motoring Society newsletter for the month of October - includes some photos from the Alpine Classic held earlier in the year.
The 7th newsletter for the year - wonders will never cease.
Another monthly newsletter produced - we're setting a record here!
5th newsletter of the year with a reminder about pre-tour preparation for the Alpine
4th newsletter for the year! What the Classic Motoring Society is up to and where we're planning to go.
We're doing well here - this is the 3rd newsletter for the year!
Number 2 for the year!! More details on upcoming events and a March Hare report with photos!
The first CMSNZ newsletter for 2009. Outlines some of the plans for the year and the Tassie Tour.
Reports from our weekend away in Kaikoura and the first few days in China from the Peking to Paris team. Also, photos from loading the P2P cars into containers in Christchurch as well as information about upcoming events.
Includes an update on the team planning to do the Peking to Paris trip and an announcement that the Alpine Classic 2007 entry form is out.
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Keywords: Classic Motoring

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Download the entry form for the 2012 Classic Marathon and come and join us for a week long tour around the South Island of New Zealand in your classic car. The Twin Rivers Parade was cancelled in 2011 due to the devastating Christchurch earthquake but its been reinvigorated for 2012. The South Australian Odyssey 2012, run by the Classic Motoring Society, is now open for your driving pleasure.