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By: Clean My Car  05-Apr-2012
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O wning a car is quite similar to owning a pet. We take time and great care to pick out just the right one to be our unconditional friend. We want the relationship to be happy since we'll be spending a lot of time together. Finally that perfect match happens, and then we name it, talk to it, play with it and even brag about it. And ultimately, for most of us, we even fall in love with it. Suffice to say, Americans have this same love affair with their cars.

Keywords: Car

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Why Cleaning Your Car is Good for the Environment

This cost is absorbed by you, the consumer, in three ways: funding automakers efforts to research corrosion-resistant paints and coatings, fixing damage to your car caused by road and sea salt, and overall depreciation of cars due to corrosion. Soap and road grime such as oils, tar, and dirt end up in storm sewers that flow into lakes, streams and rivers — the same water in which your children might swim, or where you fish or hunt.