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By: Christchurch City Libraries  06-Dec-2011
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Joining the Library

To speed the joining process you can print off a copy of the membership form and have it ready before you arrive at the library if you wish.

Membership categories

To join the library you need

  • Either your passport or two forms of ID, preferably one with a photo-ID.
  • The name and address of a contact person (we may need to find you if you change address and forget to tell us).
  • Proof of address (no more than 30 days old). This can be a letter from your bank, school, power or telephone company. If you do not have proof of address you can borrow 2 items. To continue your membership you must provide proof of address within 3 months.

Te Reo Māori

  • E taea ai te tono kia Noho Mema, me mātua tuku mai e koe ngā momo tautohu e whai ake nei:
    • he taunakitanga tuakiri (he uruuru whenua, ētahi atu momo tautohutanga e rua rānei, ā, me ID whai whakaahua tētahi)
    • he taunakitanga kāinga noho (pūkete hiko, pūkete waea, pēke rānei, he tauākī kia kaua e piki ake i te 30 ngā rā te tawhito).
  • Tērā pea ka rerekē haere ēnei Here o te Noho Mema.  Ka whakaaturia ngā Here hou i te paetukutuku o te Whare Pukapuka. Ka kīia kua whakamōhiotia koe mō ēnā rerekētanga, ka whakaae hoki koe kia herea koe e ngā Here hou, i a koe e noho mema ana.

Conditions of membership (as at 1 October 2010)

  1. You will be unable to borrow if you:
    • don’t return items within 27 days of their due date;
    • have unpaid fines or debts totalling $15.30 or more;
    • have not paid fines or debts that have been outstanding for over a month.
  2. You must notify Christchurch City Libraries immediately your card is lost or stolen. You are responsible for items borrowed with the card up to the time of notification.
  3. To apply for Membership you must supply the following forms of identification:
    • proof of identity (passport or two other forms of identification with one preferably being a photo ID)
    • proof of address (power account, telephone account, or bank statement no more than 30 days old).
  4. If you are under 16 years of age at the time of joining, a parent or legal guardian must also sign your Application for Membership. Any communication regarding your membership will be with your parent or legal guardian who, by signing your Application, agrees to be responsible for the use of your card, including any outstanding fines and debts incurred by you.
  5. Christchurch City Libraries is not responsible for the choice of items borrowed with your card.
  6. These Conditions of Membership may change. The revised Conditions will be displayed on the Library website. You are deemed to have had notice of such changes and agreed to be bound by the amended Conditions whilst you are a member.

Privacy statement

  1. By completing an Application for Membership you are providing personal information about you to Christchurch City Libraries (a unit of the Christchurch City Council). You also agree that Christchurch City Libraries may use that information for the purpose of:
    managing your membership, including maintaining your records, advising you of overdue items, recovering outstanding fines and debts, advising you of library services and events and contacting your nominated contact person;
    if you are under 16 years of age, discussing with your parent or legal guardian any matters arising from your membership of Christchurch City Libraries.
  2. The information may be given to appropriate Council staff and/or a credit agency in the event of Christchurch City Libraries deciding to take action against you for the recovery of outstanding fines and debts.
  3. Personal information about you will be held by Christchurch City Libraries. You may have access to that information and request changes to it.
  4. You are not required by law to provide personal information. However, if you do not supply the information requested on the Application for Membership, then Christchurch City Libraries may be unable to process your application.

Membership categories


Youth membership is available to anyone aged under 19.

This membership category enables customers to:

Youth living in adjacent district council areas may be subsidised to receive the same borrowing privileges as CCC youth members, subject to funding. Gammack Trust funding has been available to subsidise borrowing for Youth residing in the Waimakariri, Selwyn and Hurunui Council areas in some financial years, but this is reviewed regularly.


Concession membership is available to customers who have a condition that restricts their use of the library. A medical certificate, letter from a specialist or other verification of the condition may be required in order to obtain this membership category.

As a concession member you will be able to:

  • Borrow books, magazines, talking books, videos, tapes, DVDs and CDs from the general collection free of charge,
  • Borrow most items for up to six weeks,

Concession membership is also available to groups such as rest homes, prisons, preschools and special needs units where the items borrowed are for the use of the residents, inmates or children.


Reciprocal membership is available to visitors from other areas of New Zealand and who will be in Christchurch for up to three months.

Visitors who can present their membership card from their home public library can borrow items and access services as per Christchurch City Council residents and ratepayers. If visitors are not able to provide a home public library card, there will be a per item charge and service charge according to the Non-City charges schedule.


Corporate membership is available to companies, businesses and organisations who have a business within the Christchurch City Council boundaries. The membership entitles corporate customers to borrow items for the purpose of the business but excludes the borrowing of items for any other purpose.

Non-city membership

Non-city membership is available to people who live outside the Christchurch City Council boundaries.

Membership is free, however, there are charges for accessing some services and for borrowing items from the collections these charges are outlined in the charges schedule.

There are two options for non-city membership:

  • Pay per item you borrow
  • Pay either an annual or six-monthly subscription which provides the same borrowing privileges as a Christchurch City Council member

These are in addition to any for CDs, DVDs and tapes from the adult collection, and items from the . There are .


Membership entitles Christchurch City Council staff (excluding library staff) and elected members to borrow items to enable them to meet the business needs of their role with CCC.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

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