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By: Caylx New Zealand  06-Dec-2011

CAYLX has a close working relationship with a number of software authors, to bring you the most up to date and effective solutions that will deliver immediate improvements in your business.

TeleFormâ„¢, LiquidOfficeâ„¢

Every organisation has business processes, and most have forms of some sort to structure the provision of information.

The benefits of automated electronic capture are:
Increases in Data Collection Accuracy
Reduction of labour cost
Improvement in employee productivity and satisfaction
Speeds processing time
The benefits of business process management are:
Retention of business process knowledge (intellectual property)
Compliance and risk-avoidance
Accountability and Management Visibility
Fills in process gaps causing delays and inefficiencies


Dv TDM is an advanced drawing and document management application designed to simplify the secure archiving and retrieval of any document across a network or the Internet.

Dv TDM will work brilliantly whether your requirement is for standard text documents, or any of the following examples:
CAD Management
Quality Assurance
GIS Integration
Accounts Payable
Proof of Delivery
Mail Sorting & Distribution
Fax Routing

CAYLX brings you secure archiving and retrieval including drawings for the first time.

We have many case studies of customers enjoying the benefits. Take a look. Contact us for a meeting to learn more. You can only source this solution from CAYLX in New Zealand.

LibertyNET Office Edition

a smart entry into document management

LibertyNET Office Edition Version 3.0 is targeted at instant, low cost deployment of document management systems. It is an ideal software complement to current office equipment upgrades. Many organisations are migrating office equipment from standalone copiers to Multi-Function Products (MFPs). These new network connected devices may support any combination of printing, faxing, copying, scanning, and more. LibertyNET Office empowers the scanning function for these new devices, delivering on simple, automatic, electronic filing of critical documents.

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