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By: Cardinal Logistics  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Supply Chain, Health and Beauty, Warehouse Management

Solutions for Grocery

When you need to get your goods to market quickly, you need effective and reliable distribution – and that’s why our clients choose Cardinal Logistics.

We cater for manufacturers, importers and distributors of FMCGs including food and grocery products, pharmaceuticals, and health and beauty products. Whether you’re considering Third Party Logistics as an option or reviewing your outsourcing needs, Cardinal has the solution for you.

With state-of-the-art distribution centres that are certified to AgriQuality “Approved Supplier” standards, Cardinal Logistics meets all of the stringent food safety requirements set by the grocery industry.

Our ‘scan, pick, pack’ inventory system allows for overall inventory and order accuracy, and stringent stock control is maintained through the accurate rotation of date sensitive products in our cutting-edge warehouse management system. 

We offer a range of valuable reports designed to assist your business with planning, forecasting and inventory management.

Your valuable products will be transported in one of our 30 trucks, which feature specially-designed ‘false’ floors and air suspension which minimise the risk of damage in transit.

We know how important your brand reputation is to you, and that’s why our team takes utmost care to ensure your products are delivered to stores in an undamaged condition.

"The Wrigley Company has used Cardinal Logistics for over 10 years. We believe that the efficiency of their service and the ease of dealing with their team allows us to provide a high level of service to our customers while meeting and exceeding our internal targets.  The quality of Cardinal’s supply chain and the personable, efficient and experienced team ensure that any issues are resolved quickly and successfully. We would highly recommend Cardinal Logistics to any grocery company that is currently considering its logistics and distribution needs" Wayne Johnson, Country Manager, The Wrigley Company.

Keywords: Distribution Centres, Health and Beauty, Party Logistics, Supply Chain, Third Party Logistics, Warehouse Management

Other products and services from Cardinal Logistics


Cardinal Logistics :: Solutions

In its provision of warehousing and logistics services, Cardinal Logistics is the right size to have the flexibility to meet its customers’ needs – it is not part of a global organisation so it can make any changes that are necessary quickly and easily. Its size allows them to integrate our internal systems and requirements into their systems providing a high level of customer service..


Cardinal Logistics :: Your Business

From dealing with a query on the daily stock reports through to ensuring the on-time delivery of our stock in undamaged condition, we would recommend Cardinal Logistics to any company considering Third Party Logistics as a solution to its distribution needs..


Cardinal Logistics :: Services

As a leader in our field, we provide our clients with up-to-date information and stock tracking, including electronic POD requests and an online customer portal where requests and queries are lodged and dealt with by a team of dedicated customer service staff. This ensured that they delivered a storage and distribution facility that met and exceeded our needs while complying with all of our internal quality and safety practices..


Supply chain management & logistics

As a manufacturer, importer or distributor of food, grocery or general consumable goods, it is essential that your goods arrive at their destination on-time in excellent condition. Cardinal Logistics has the experience and expertise to deliver a supply chain management solution that is designed to meet your needs in a cost-effective manner.


Cardinal Logistics :: Nationwide haulage

Our fleet includes six new line-haul units that allow us to take our customer service standards to the next level – they are fitted with air suspensions that are geared to the mezzanine floors which minimises the risk of damage in transit. Cardinal Logistics specialises in the distribution of grocery and FMCG products directly to grocery and other outlet stores throughout New Zealand – our expertise and delivery standards lead the industry.


Third Party Logistics & Warehousing

Third Party Logistics, or 3PL, is the sharing of resources in terms of receiving, storing and moving of stock from the point of manufacture or import to the end user. High levels of technology and IT allow us to provide our clients with a cost-effective and efficient service that has the flexibility to grow or contract with them.