By: Canterberries  06-Dec-2011
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Canterberries are slowly building up an interesting  and probably unique collection of Raspberry varieties.  We've chosen mainly varieties which are just not available to purchase in normal garden retail outlets. With a keen eye on expansion, we add to our collection every year and now have Aspiring, Haida & Taylors .  Marcy and Southland have recently been added as well.  Aspiring are interesting ... this crops twice per year, firstly in December and then later in March.  If you are interested in buying Raspberries by the punnet or kg, then e-mail us for availability as we do sell out.  The feedback from customers has been tremendous, and an added bonus is that we use organic methods and sprays instead of toxic chemicals.  This increases the cost slightly, but we believe it is worth it.  Enjoy!

Canterberries are always looking for something different, and we found this cool Raspberry variety in 2003.   It is a yellow variety, and tastes quite spectacular.  Definately a Raspberry taste but much sweeter than normal red varieties.   These are available in December, and we are expanding this variety to enable us to keep up with future demand.  There are other yellow varieties available, but none that we have tasted even come close to the sweetness of this variety.  As an added bonus, we only use Garlic based sprays and other organic methods, which does increase the cost slightly.   Contact us if you would like to order this variety as we only sell these by the punnet.

Our main variety is Red Gauntlet which grows exceptionally well in Canterbury.  We propagate and sell hundreds of plants during the Winter, so if you are interested in buying a good double-cropping variety then e-mail us for further details.  As for the fresh fruit, they are just awesome - possibly the best tasting Strawberries in North Canterbury.   Expansion is happening, and we've added Seascape to our  red strawberry collection.  Plus, we obtained a very small amount of a rare heirloom variety which we are currently propogating.  Exciting stuff! Canterberries are suppliers to the connoisseur strawberry-addict - no doubt about that!

Canterberries certainly step up to the plate when it comes to growing Garlic.  The original seed was sourced from Marlborough, however we grow so much that we can now select our best cloves for Winter planting.  By the time the longest day has arrived, our Garlic has grown into the best bulbs you can probably buy!  Printanor is the variety we grow, and the flavour, size and appearance is awesome.  New Zealand Garlic is the best, but unfortunately amazingly cheap imported Garlic is squeezing out local growers.  However, the imported product is often fumigated with Methyl Bromide, which is a little worrying for some of us!  Of course, our Garlic is spray-free, as we use Niwashi gardening tools to weed between the rows to get rid of the weeds Garlic hates!   After harvest, we let our Garlic naturally dry in the warm Canterbury sun which really does result in an amazing final product.  Try it ... you won't be disappointed.
A true Kiwi icon, the Braeburn lists high in the taste stakes and is many peoples favourite apple.  Canterberries Braeburn apples are of course spray-free and we pick to order and then deliver within a matter of hours.  This ensure you get the freshest tastiest apples you are ever going to get!   You just cannot beat tree-ripened fresh fruit!

We grow heaps of varieties of Chillies during Summer and sell lots of seed during the year, especially in Spring.  There are literally heaps of varieties of Chillies available, but so few are available in the supermarkets.  You're lucky to get a Cayenne variety!  Over the years, we've grown most of the varieties available in New Zealand.     Take the awesome Black Hungarian Chillies in the picture on the left - how hot (cool ..) are these!   And the Aji Chillies also pictured look amazing.   Varieties include Red Habanero, Habanero Chocolate, Brazilian Cambucci, Rocoto Manzano Red, Rocoto Manzano Orange, Serrano, Tabasco, Thai Hot, Golden Cayenne, Early Jalapeno, Asian Fire, Firecracker ... the list goes on!   Some of our existing customers buy Chillies by the kg, and either dry them or make sauces etc, so if you are interested in unusual varieties then contact by e-mail for availability.  Spray-free Chillies picked fresh is another added bonus our customers experience.  When it comes to Chillies, Canterberries are the hottest thing around!
We've been experimenting with growing Wheatgrass as we've found it very difficult to get hold of fresh.  We source the best Wheatgrass seed around and Otane and Arawa is the seed we use.  Grown in the shadow of Mount Hutt, this seed is the business!  Not the cheapest around, but certainly worth a try if you like growing your own Wheatgrass!

Keywords: Apples, Chillies