By: Burrowes & Associates  06-Dec-2011
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We pride ourselves on providing a complete service to individuals and Corporate Bodies alike in all aspects of Investigation and Security. For a more extensive summary of our services please read on: Document Services:
This service is supplied for a large number of clients ranging from Government Departments, Barristers & Solicitors to private individuals. We have agents throughout the country and can arrange for similar legal services anywhere in the world. Surveillance:
There are a large number of circumstances which have lead to covert surveillance being conducted. Surveillance experts can assist to eliminate or confirm suspicions of inappropriate behaviour, dishonesty, shrinkage, infidelity, breaches of trust or restraint of trade. All of our surveillance staff are fully trained and dedicated specialist professionals in this field. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV):
Technology has taken giant steps forward in overt and covert (hidden) cameras. They are being promoted and used for Crime and Loss Prevention, Public Safety, Occupational Health & Safety in the Workplace, deterrents to violent offenders and identification of offenders/potential risks to public and staff safety.The authorities and business owners are also relying more heavily on CCTV recordings as evidence in criminal proceedings. Likewise they are using CCTV recordings to prevent accidents at work, ensuring the best possible steps are being taken to protect staff and minimise risks in the workplace.We can provide the best of leading edge technology in cameras, housings, and recording systems. Today’s digital recording technology offers enhanced picture quality and the ability to search for and find isolated incidents much faster than the older analogue (Video) systems using video tapes. Specialist in Copyright Investigations and Copyright Legislation in New Zealand:
We conduct Patent, Trade Mark, Copyright and Intellectual Property investigations for national and international clients and act as agents for the NZ Federation Against Copyright Theft Ltd. Security Specialists in Heavy Industrial and Commercial Operations:
(in particular the Mining Industry) for whom security consultations for internal, external security, internal requisitions and stores procedures are an issue. On site product security, staff safety, Company asset security and staff vetting, pre employment background investigations are included in this aspect of our services. Comprehensive alarm sales and installations:
From personal alarms for the sick or elderly to home intruder, commercial or industrial sites including state of the art technology and electronics, remote access, proximity readers and digital image recording
and surveillance systems.

We conduct all evidential investigations including Insurance and Fraud investigations and a full trace Service for missing and lost persons. Litigation investigations:
for Barristers and Solicitors including witness interviews and independent investigations are conducted to New Zealand High Court standards. Other Services Provided include:
Statement and Affidavit preparation for criminal and civil proceedings.Document and Process services for all legal documentation, a service which is also carried out in conjunction with trace investigations.Internal dishonesty and inappropriate behaviour investigations including installation of covert cameras, staff and suspect interviews, advice on dismissals and procedural action.Investigation of the misuse of 'trusted employee' privilege, in the area of company misappropriation, purchasing power and fringe benefit abuse.Pre employment screening and background investigations of prospective employees including authenticating applicant details/qualifications and references within the legislative guidelines of New Zealand. Available information also includes details of Criminal Convictions, Criminal History, Fines Enforcement and Traffic Convictions. Liaison with Local Authorities and Government Agencies.Company and Business searches including Company Officers and Directors. Credit Checks on individuals, Public Notices including Bankruptcy Notifications and Records. Motor Vehicle Registration checks for current and historical ownership details.Property Valuation validity checks and Mortgage Histories of private residential and commercial properties. Occupational Safety and Health systems which comply with all aspects of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 and other relevant legislation are available. Employee safety is seen to operate in close conjunction with security issues and we are dedicated to protect staff in all aspects of safety and security matters.

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