Business planning, cashflow and forecast projections

By: Balance Accounting  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Business Planning

Questions you should be asking yourself in order to for us to prepare projections include:

  • Do you have a business plan?

  • Do you know each step that your business will take over the next week, month, year, three years..?

  • Have you prepared your agenda for acquiring new customers, products, or suppliers?
  • Do you have a timetable of events?
  • How often do you research, analyse, read-up and check out your competitors?
  • When was the last time you contacted your client base?
  • Do you offer them special offers, free resources and reports? What about surveying them and asking for their opinions?
  • How often do you do all this?
  • Does your business have a 'company objective'?
  • Has your 'company' it's own 'customer mission statement'?
  • Have you set business targets..use SMART Principle


each item / area of business must be targeted specifically.


be able to measure your targets, how much, how often etc.


if your competitor only sells 50 units, you cannot sell 2 million units.




give limitations and deadlines to whatever you are planning.

One KEY fundamental of business planning is the ability to be flexible and adaptable. Never assume that once you create your plan, that you must stick to it rigidly, but flexible when necessary, but not to the detriment of the your success.

PLAN. Plan carefully, plan honestly, plan realistically. But you must plan.

For a business to become and remain successful, management must have applied thought, planning and foresight with regard to achieving its objectives. Working closely with management, we can prepare cashflow projections that represent those ideas. This working document not only is beneficial to lending institutions, but for management to measure their success against - measure, measure, measure!

Keywords: Business Planning

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