Specialised, usable, unique policy and protocol development

By: Ardent  06-Dec-2011

Ardent Training & Consultancy works with whole organisations to develop or enhance their infrastructure.  This may include projects like policy manual review or induction/orientation development.We also have demonstrated skills creating protocols for individuals or services that increase safety and quality of support.  These may be around management of behaviour, health or other important lifestyle aspects.

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Ardent Services - Learning & Development, Consultancy

Each provider has been unique in their philosophy and approach, therefore no two learning and development solutions have been the same. We have over five years experience working with different service providers across New Zealand to support their human resource goals. As contractors it is extremely important that we offer you a service that exceeds your expectations. Ardent Training & Consultancy strives to exceed agreed outcomes.


Service development and organisation by Ardent Training & Consultancy

We can offer intensive staff development to give services a boost that will enable them to move to the next level.Similarly, we can develop new services so they begin with a strong and positive culture focused on being of service to the people being supported. We developed support and service plans to enable a smooth transition to his permanent service provider.Occasionally staff teams need to refresh and refocus.


Staff training services provided by Ardent Training & Consultancy

All of our training packages can be tailored to your specific needs.Our emphasis is on encouraging trainees to put their learning into practice and aim to demonstrate this through competency based assessment activities usually aligned with unit standards.


Person centered training increases support & meets changing needs

We work collaboratively with other specialist services (GP, Behaviour Support etc), managers and teams to ensure plans are updated to reflect these changes and ensure teams are working well with individuals.A key issue often described by employers is inconsistency amongst staff. Ardent brings a depth of experience that enables us to help you make the most of these critical moments.