Services for Specifiers, Architects and Designers

By: Architectural Promotions  06-Dec-2011

Architectural Promotions will work with you to create a promotional strategy that will encourage engineers, architects and designers to use your company's products. In addition to features you select from the list below, feel free to discuss further suggestions with the Architectural Promotions team.

Service Feature: This may include:
Flipchart Presentation
  • Using diagrams and photos to show use of products
  • Showing product samples
Product Literature Distribution
  • Issuing any brochures, manuals and catalogues
  • Updating any brochures, manuals and catalogues
  • Recording issues for use with client database
Special/Enhanced Presentations
  • Giving morning or afternoon tea presentations to practices as required
  • Involving clients in selected calls
Product Research and Feedback
  • Surveying opinions on products
  • Seeking reactions to product prototypes
  • Giving advance notice of upcoming products
Project and market information
  • Actively seeking information about current and upcoming building projects
Leads and opportunities
  • Passing on all leads and opportunities to the client for further action
  • Providing a monthly report that is as detailed as the client requires
  • Customising reports to give the information the client needs
Targeting specifiers
  • Promoting specialised products to the relevant designers and specifiers
  • Selecting the target group in consultation with the client
Introducing clients to specifiers
  • Assisting clients to get to know designers and specifiers
Factory and site visits
  • Arranging visits to clients' factories to see manufacturing processes
  • Arranging visits to building sites to see client's products in use
Marketing assistance
  • Assisting with the design and content of brochures, manuals and catalogues
  • Assisting clients with organisation of seminars, product launches