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By: Aranz Geo  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Modelling Software

Traditional modelling software methods require extensive manual interpretation of geological structures, a time consuming procedure which also complicates updating of models as new data becomes available. In contrast, the implicit modelling in Leapfrog software dramatically improves processing speed and data capacity, allowing accelerated generation and updating of grid-free 3D geology models in near real-time.

Designed for accelerated geological modelling, Leapfrog software's clean interface, flexible tools and interoperabilty with a variety of data formats enable the user to work more efficiently and effectively. By minimising time spent manually digitising and interpreting data, users can concentrate on extracting maximum value from the data.

The free Leapfrog Viewer provides an informative platform for easily distributing and communicating modelling results in a realistic 3D environment. The Viewer can be downloaded from each of the product websites:

Keywords: Modelling Software