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By: Alchemy Group  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Information System

Building a business information system is a complex task. We have developed our own processes and techniques for tackling projects. This begins with clearly establishing the goals for the project and capturing the client's requirements, whilst recognising they will change.

Key features of our approach are:

  • requirements capture - both functional and non-functional (e.g. usability, performance, scalability, ..)
  • risk reduction - tackle areas with highest risk first
  • iterative - prototyping and building the system in small increments
  • client involvement - lots of input and feedback
  • change management - processes to deal with changing requirements
  • test-first development - unit and functional testing are automated from the start
  • ongoing support - help, support and maintenance continue long term.

Client involvement is critical to project success.

Our most successful projects are those where the client has been closely involved throughout. When you do an Alchemy project, be prepared to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in!

Keywords: Information System

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Alchemy - Services - SMS, Text Gateway

Other services involve on-going dialogue between you and your target markets - promotions and rewards programmes whereby consumers' text in information to redeem rewards. Typical applications include sale and promotion announcements, delivery of vouchers and coupons, alerts and notifications such as schedule changes. Push services are activated by your server application to send a text message to one or more mobile phone recipients.


Alchemy - Services - IISStatus

Since a substantial part of our work involves using Microsoft Internet Information Server, it is important that we know exactly what the server is doing at a specific moment in time, and so we built a tool to help us. It can also be called via CGI to produce an HTML table containing a list of currently active requests, and information about where the requests came from and which virtual server they are related to.