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By: Airlyte  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Corrugated Cardboard, Animal Bedding

Airlyte is the best and most cost effective alternative to wood shavings, straw & paper. Airlyte is manufactured from clean, post-industrial, waste cardboard; a cost effective, environmentally friendly alternative to wood shavings, straw and paper. Airlyte is ideal for use with equestrian animals but has also proved popular for a wide range of animals including game birds, ducks, chickens and sheep as well as pets. Unlike many traditional bedding materials Airlyte is completely free of fungal spores, seeds and parasites and so helps reduce the risk of respiratory irritation and diseases caused by inhalation of polluted air. It is clean, dry, odourless and highly absorbent.

The corrugated cardboard used in Airlyte animal bedding is clean, virtually dust-free and odourless.
Using Airlyte animal bedding can reduce stall cleaning time!

Keywords: Animal Bedding, Corrugated Cardboard

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Airlyte Information Sheet — Airlyte

Ammonia is released from the retained horse urine and without adequate ventilation these fumes can be a significant irritant to your horse’s respiratory system. As long as the floor of the stall is dry corrugated cardboard bedding will retain its springy feel with excellent cushioning and insulating properties.


Setting up a horse stall with corrugated cardboard — Airlyte

The used muck and cardboard makes great compost and will break down rapidly. Pick up droppings with a muck rake as usual or use rubber gloves. Flick the dry bedding off the area where the horse has urinated. Fill the stall to preferred depth with cardboard bedding. Spread dry material over the removed urine patch. 3m x 3m stall to a depth of 10cm --- 5 bales. Empty the stall of old material. Photo taken by Lorna Price.