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By: Afs Total Fire  06-Dec-2011
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We’ll change your fire protection as your building changes

Alterations, fitouts and renovations of existing buildings almost always require changes to the existing fire protection systems. Often, the placing of sprinklers is unsuitable for the new layout, smoke detectors or fire extinguishers are in the wrong place.

Get this sorted early on in your project. AFS Total Fire Protection can save you considerable time, trouble and money by designing or installing the adapted fire protection system in tandem with other alterations.

Keywords: Fire Protection, Fire Protection Business, Fire Protection Systems, Life Safety Services

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AFS Total Fire Protection Ltd - services

AFS Total Fire can draw on a wide range of expertise and many years of experience to make sure you get the very best fire protection services. From designing, building and installing fire proection systems to making sure your building complies with fire regulations. You can use AFS Total Fire for any and every aspect of your fire protection needs.


Design and Installation | AFS Total Fire Protection Ltd

Our specialised design department knows exactly what needs to be done to provide the required protection without compromising the good work of architects, engineers and builders… or the safety of your staff and assets. With our own production plant, we can get parts tooled to our exact design, avoiding problems with installation. Sprinkler systems and alarms designed and installed on time, to spec. You can leave the entire sub-project to us.


AFS Total Fire Protection Ltd - compliance

Our specialist trained staff can do all the necessary inspections, tests and provide certificates with minimum cost and virtually no disruption at all to your operations. Complying with fire regulations is easy with AFS Total Fire Protection.


AFS Total Fire Protection Ltd - maintenance

AFS Total Fire Protection will make sure all your fire protection systems and equipment actually provide the protection you expect. Every year, the New Zealand Fire Service gets called to more than 24,000 fires, of which only 4,000 happen at home. This requires both regular planned maintenance and response to reported faults. Fire protection is there with good reason.


Response to Activation | AFS Total Fire Protection Ltd

Make sure that the organisation who maintains your fire protection systems is available to respond to alarm activations. It may be that the alarm went off because of a reason other than a fire, in which case it needs to be fixed or reset. The New Zealand Fire Service will respond to your fire alarm and work to put out any fires. Alarms mean nothing without prompt and appropriate response. Expert response to fire alarm activation.