Event Portfolio | Fendalton Waimairi Heritage Awards

By: 360 Degree Events  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Project Management

Event Dates Annually in October - November
Event Venue Fendalton Waimairi Ward, Christchurch City
Event Size Approximately 20 properties nominate for an award. Up to 80 people attend the ceremony.
Key Roles 360DE is responsible for the overall project management of the Fendalton Waimairi Heritage Awards including judging and the awards ceremony

Recognising efforts to conserve and develop heritage in the Fendalton Waimairi Ward

The Awards recognise individual and/or group efforts to conserve and develop heritage in the Fendalton Waimairi Ward and also to recognise involvement, exploration and education in heritage. Six categories have been established and are detailed below.

Nominations for the Heritage Awards will be accepted in October 2010 and November each year. A panel of expert judges will consider all nominations and the winners will be recognised in an Awards Ceremony scheduled in December.

Who can enter?

• Entries are welcomed from any individual or group in the Fendalton Waimairi Ward involved with a heritage project, building, place or object.

• Individuals are also welcome to nominate another person’s place or project that they deem deserving of recognition (with their consent).

• Nominees are not required to have any formal heritage protection or New Zealand Historic Places Trust recognition to enter the awards.

• The awards are NOT affiliated to any protection measures. They are simply recognition for contributions to local heritage.

What are the categories?

There are six categories for the Fendalton Waimairi Heritage Awards and one award will be made per category. Categories are as follows:

Heritage Retention

This category applies to a heritage building, place or object which has previously been under threat of demolition or loss but has been secured for the future by either private or community initiatives.

This category does not require any conservation work of the building, place or object to have begun.

Caretaker Award - Heritage Maintenance and Conservation

Good and regular maintenance is essential for the heritage conservation of a building, place or object. This category recognises property owners or tenants who have appropriately maintained and/or conserved an item or place of heritage value in as near as is possible and practicable to the original form and use of the nominated item. Types of change to the building, place or object may include:maintenance, stabilisation, repair, restoration, reconstruction and adaptation for a new use with consideration of the conservation principle ‘doing as much as necessary’ and ‘as little as possible’.

Heritage Development

This category recognises work where a significant development such as; extensions, additional buildings, or buildings and landscape changes within a heritage site has ensured a compatible or continued use of the heritage item/place. This includes the conversion and adaptation of a heritage building to a new use, which has required significant works to meet building code requirements.The social, cultural and economic benefits to the community will be taken into account.

Heritage Education and Exploration

This category covers initiatives undertaken by individuals or community groups to research, promote and/or communicate the heritage of the Fendalton Waimairi Community Board area. Heritage values can be found in the built physical form or in the symbolic associations of a place for a specific group or community. This could include: marking or interpreting a site, conducting and archiving research, promoting heritage (events, brochures, media), organising events (exhibitions, tours), or activities (heritage trails), conducting oral histories or developing specific education programmes with a heritage focus.

Heritage Involvement - Children & Young People

This category is aimed at raising the heritage awareness and understanding of the young and encouraging them to be proactive within their local environment. The category is open to individual entries, groups/clubs or school projects which revolve around heritage issues or places.

Maori Heritage

This category recognises tangible and intangible cultural heritage and its continuing protection for the community. This includes:places associated with cultural traditions and customs, as well as natural features or landmarks. The Maori Heritage awards category is focused on ‘place-based’ cultural heritage.

Keywords: Project Management

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