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By: Solar Living NZ  30-Jul-2015
Keywords: Renewable Energy, Solar Panels, Solar Water Heating

Instead of sending electricity back to the grid, save more money by keeping your own solar energy. Whether it's for a new build or for an existing photovoltaic system the immerSUN Self-Consumption Controller will: - Increase energy efficiency thereby saving you money - there is no energy wastage (unlike solar thermal systems) - supply the house, supply the hot water and if there is any excess, it goes to the grid. - Maximise your ROI (return on investment) - You get a significant ROI by storing your energy (into hot water) during the day for later use without the grid. - Allow for easy control and monitoring - The built in LCD features allow for easy to read graphical information and use of advanced boost functions. - Provide free integrated reporting - When connected to the EnaSolar inverter, the reports provide independent verification of your solar system performance which allows you to monitor warranty guarantees. How does it save? The immerSUN Self-Consumption Controller monitors any excess solar energy not used and diverts it to your hot water or other selected loads before exporting it to the grid. The immerSUN will automatically adjust if the demand from the house increases. Installation of the immerSUN can ensure you make significant savings to your home running costs - particularly as heating your hot water via the grid can account for over 30% of your electricity usage.

Keywords: Enasolar, Renewable Energy, Solar Hot Water, Solar Hot Water Heating, Solar Panels, Solar Water Heating

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