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By: Protect Auto  06-Dec-2011
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This alarm will page you on the remote to let you know if someone is trying to brake into your car! RRP:$400+ Main features of ALARM: 2x High quality pager 2 way rem..

$350.00 fitted

Plug your iPhone or iPod into the front USB for seamless operation and control of your iPod or iPhone in the car. Easily search by Artist, Playlist, Album, Song, Genre,..

$299.00 + $80.00 to fit

Alarm features: - Two automatic normally open immobilisers - Dual tone data battery back-up siren - Door, bonnet and boot protection - Central door locking from remote..

$425.00 fitted

The AVS S5 features three automatic immobilisers combined with an advanced glass break and shock sensor system and a data battery back up siren. In addition it has all the f..

$649.00 fitted

6" (16cm) 2-Way Component Speakers 2-Way Component 270W Peak/45W RMS Twin Roll Butyl Rubber Edge Phase Plug Frequency Response: 35Hz-50,0..

$199.00 + $60.00 to fit

6x9" (15x23cm) 2-Way Coaxial Speakers 2-Way Coaxial 490W Peak/80W RMS Twin Roll Butyl Rubber Edge Direct-Driven Tweeter Frequency Respons..

$199.00 + $60.00 to fit

  DRVN 4" (10cm) 2-Way Coaxial Speakers 2-Way Coaxial 160W Peak/20W RMS Power Frequency Response: 70 - 25,000Hz ..

$69.99 + $60.00 to fit

DRVN 5" (13cm) 2-Way Coaxial Speakers 2-Way Coaxial 200W Peak/27W RMS Power Frequency Response: 50 - 25,000Hz ..

$79.00 + $60.00 to fit

DRVN 6" (16cm) 2-Way Coaxial Speakers 2-Way Coaxial 230W Peak/40W RMS Power Frequency Response: 45 - 25,000Hz ..

$99.00 + $60.00 to fit
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Keywords: Alarm