TRE (Trauma & Tension release exercises) A new body-based process

By: Pilates One on One  02-Nov-2011


TRE (Trauma, Tension Release Exercises) was founded by Dr David Berceli.

David grew up in and has lived and traveled for 15yrs in many war torn places including and Middle-East. He suffered from PTSD and so developed TRE and has taught the Trauma Release Process to over a million people all over the world who were suffering from the aftermath of War, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Floods, Domestic or Social violence, Personal injury and Chronic stress or tension.

What is TRE?

TRE is a body-based process which requires a series of 7 exercises to fatigue the flight and fight muscles in the body so that it re-introduces the innate tremor mechanism in the body to release deep chronic tension and return the body to its natural state of inner peace and calm. This tremor mechanism which is evoked by the nervous system is naturally present in humans and animals and activates after the body comes out of some overwhelming, threatening or traumatic experience to release the discharge of energy caused by the incident. Whereas animals instinctively discharge all this compressed energy at the time of the trauma, humans do not, due to our cultural conditioning, therefore we become victims of trauma due to the unresolved chemical charge in the body. As we allow this tremoring to happen naturally it can release any residue of stored energy that was not released at the time of the experience without the painful reliving of memories and prolonged use and reliance on medication.

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