Daily Costs of Feeding Fourflax Equine Flax Seed Products

By: Fourflax  05-Apr-2012

Want to know how much it will cost to feed Flax Seed Oil or Flax Seed Flake to your horse?  Use the tables below to see how long each size container will last for at different feeding rates, and how much it will cost!

Costs and daily feeding rates shown are for 1 horse per day.  The amount of time the product will last for is also based on one horse.  If you have more than one horse, simply divide the number of days by the number of horses you have.

Please do bear in mind that we recommend that the oil is kept cool and used within 3 months of opening.  For more details on how much to feed and storage instructions, view the


Flax Seed Oil

  30ml 60ml 90ml 120ml 150ml
1 Litre
33 days
$0.76 per day
16 days
$1.56 per day
11 days
$2.27 per day
8 days
$3.13 per day
6 days
$4.17 per day
2 x 1 Litre
67 days
$0.71 per day
33 days
$1.44 per day
22 days
$2.16 per day
17 days
$2.79 per day
13 days
$3.65 per day
5 Litre
166 days
$0.41 per day
83 days
$0.82 per day
55 days
$1.24 per day
41 days
$1.66 per day
33 days
$2.06 per day
2 x 5 Litre
333 days
$0.38 per day
167 days
$0.75 per day
111 days
$1.13 per day
83 days
$1.51 per day
67 days
$1.87 per day
20 Litre
666 days
$0.26 per day
333 days
$0.53 per day
222 days
$0.79 per day
166 days
$1.05 per day
133 days
$1.32 per day

Flax Seed Flake

  1 cup (150g) 2 cups (300g) 3 cups (450g) 4 cups (600g) 5 cups (750g)
10kg Sack
66 days
$0.42 per day
33 days
$0.85 per day
22 days
$1.27 per day
16 days
13 days
$2.15 per day
20kg Sack
133 days
$0.29 per day
66 days
$0.59 per day
44 days
$0.89 per day
33 days
$1.18 per day
27 days
$1.44 per day

Flake will keep well as long as it is kept in a cool, dry place.  We suggest feeding roughly one cup per day for general health and maintenance, and increasing this amount when higher levels of protein and/or dietary fibre are required.

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

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Fourflax Equine Flax Seed Products for Horses

However, very few horse feeds contain sufficient amounts of Omega 3, and it is this lack of Omega 3 and too much Omega 6 that is often cited as the cause for several inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and skin problems. Flax Seed Oil will provide fantastic results in terms of soft, shiny coats and the energy provided, but the key advantage of using Flax Seed Oil over other readily available oils is the Omega 3 content.


Why use Fourflax Equine Flax Seed Oil for Horses

Now with the availability of Equine Flax Seed Oil and the high concentration of Omega 3 that is present in this product, horse owners can easily administer this health-giving supplement to their animals, without the need for getting messy and trying to boil linseed.