Flax Seed Oil

By: Bio Oils  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Fatty Acids, Flax Seed Oil, Flax Seed

Conventional (non-organic) and Certified Organic available

Containing the Essential Fatty Acids Omega 3, 6 and 9, Flax Seed Oil is nature’s richest source of Omega 3. With the unique soil and climate combination of the Canterbury Plains of New Zealand, this is typically around 60% and considered to be the highest Omega 3 percentage obtained from non-genetically modified seed.

Cold-pressed from Linseed seed grown annually for Bio Oils, our Flax Seed Oil is pure, natural and unrefined….and with no depletion of any of nature’s resources too!

Flax Seed Oil helps to re-address any imbalance of the Omega 3: Omega 6 ratio in our diet. There is scientific research and belief to suggest that one of the causes of cardiovascular and inflammatory type symptoms is the increase in Omega 6 in our diets. Traditionally (from cavemen onwards) we have eaten higher Omega 3 in our diet. In the mid 50-70’s this changed due to farming practices, for example lot feeding, grain fed and barn raised cows, and our meat therefore is not eating as much green grass (high in Omega 3) and eating more grains (high in Omega 6). Add to this the increase in fried food in our diet, and the use of vegetable oils such as sunflower, soy and corn, our diets now have 6 to 10 times more Omega 6 in them than Omega 3. Some Omega 6 have been shown to be inflammatory, hence the rise in inflammatory conditions today.  So to address the balance we need to consume more Omega 3 rich foods and supplements ...Flax Seed Oil is the richest source.

Keywords: Fatty Acids, Flax Seed, Flax Seed Oil

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We pride ourselves on producing the finest quality, cold-pressed Flax Seed Oil and Flax Seed Fibre for various markets including the food, dietary supplement, cosmetic and animal health industries. Bio Oils is New Zealand's largest producer of cold-pressed, New Zealand grown Flax Seed Oil and Flax Seed Fibre. We are raw material suppliers to the Food, Dietary Supplement, Cosmetic and specialist Animal Health industries.


Flax Seed Fibre

At Bio Oils our focus is on quality, and locally grown Linseed seed, to create some of the world’s best Certified Organic and Conventional Flax Seed Fibre. With the appearance of flakes of bran, the product is milled to the coarseness required by our customers…from large flakes to a finely milled powder. Lignans – a phytoestrogen for hormonal and immune system balance, and considered to have antioxidant and cancer preventing properties.


Whole/Ground Linseed Seed

They are too tough to digest properly if eaten whole, but once they have been ground or pressed their wonderful nutritional properties are released in the form of either Flax Seed Oil or Flax Seed Fibre, or simply ground Whole Linseed Seeds. An excellent source of vitamin E, a powerful lipid soluble antioxidant required for maintaining the integrity of cell membrane of mucus membranes and skin, by protecting it from harmful free radicals.



We are a 'transparent' Company, proud of our products and operations, and so it is appropriate to encapsulate our Flax Seed Oil in a transparent capsule. Our clients and their consumers can now see the quality of the flax seed oil they are buying when they choose our 'Clear' Flax Seed Oil capsules. Our mission at Bio Oils is to produce some of the world's best Flax Seed Oil, so why would we want it hidden in a coloured capsule?.


Bulk Oil

As raw materials suppliers to the food, dietary supplement, cosmetic and animal nutrition industries, our Flax Seed Oil is available in bulk in a range of packaging options, which include. 915 kg Tripaks (with internal food grade bladder. Litre & 20 litre plastic containers.


Bottled Oil

Nitrogen flushing' during the filling process, which displaces the oxygen in the bottle, reducing oxidation of the oil and therefore extending shelf life. As raw material suppliers, we use the services of local bottling contractors for our Bottled Flax Seed Oil requirements. Minimum order quantities may apply depending on availability of the bottle type and supplier.