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By: Ashburton District Council  06-Dec-2011


Free All Day Parking

This is provided on most streets outside the central business districts of the main towns.

Free all day parking in the Ashburton Central Business District is located at:

West Street Car Park

·         Free all day parking at the north side for up to 69 cars

·         Free all day parking at the south side for up to 66 cars

Burnett Street Car Parks

The Council has 32 free all day parking spaces in the car park located at 344 Burnett Street immediately to the east of the Ashburton Fire Station and 30 parking spaces located at 332 Burnett Street immediately to the west of the Ashburton Fire Station. No time restrictions or parking fees are applicable.  

Time Restricted Parking

This has been introduced in high use areas throughout the District with the time restriction being tailored to the location. Time restrictions are enforced by Council’s parking enforcement staff.

There are currently about 500 timed spaces available.

Time restricted parking is located in the centre of the West Street car park (there is P120 parking for up to 90 cars) and on the outer edges of the CBD. All areas are clearly marked.

Metered Parking

·         This is provided only in the Ashburton Central Business District.

·         The metered parking spaces have a maximum time limit of between 30 and 120 minutes, depending on the location. There are currently 234 metered parking spaces within the Ashburton central business district. Full details are below.

·         User charges are currently 0.60 cents per hour for P30 and P60 meters and 0.40 cents per hour for P120 meters.

·         The electronic meters have the ability to accept different coins, namely 10 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent, $1 and $2 coins.

East Street:

East side of East Street - P30 maximum - 30 cents for 30 minutes

West side of East Street - P60 maximum - 60 cents for 60 minutes

Burnett Street

P60 maximum - 60 cents for 60 minutes

Tancred Street:

P60 maximum - 60 cents for 60 minutes

Havelock Street:

P120 maximum – 40 cents for 60 minutes

Moore Street:

P120 maximum – 40 cents for 60 minutes

Cass Street:

P120 maximum – 40 cents for 60 minutes


There are 7 mobility parks in the Ashburton Central Business District.

  • 180 Havelock St outside the Library
  • 2 in the West Street car park. One next to the I-Site Visitor Centre Volunteer car parks alongside the north entrance way over the railway track to East Street and one alongside the south entrance way over the railway track to East Street
  • 168 Burnett Street, south side near Mac and Maggys Hair Salon
  • 87 Tancred Street, north side outside Kims Kitchen
  • 54 Cass St, east side, outside the Doctors Surgery and Gym
  • 235 Wills Street, directly outside the Regent Cinema
Mobility Permits

Every council has agreed to the same rules for concessions to persons who have a mobility permit.

It has been agreed between CCS Disability Action, Local GPs and Councils that persons who DISPLAY a mobility permit have the following concessions:

P5, P10, P15, P20 - no extra time for any P under 30 minutes

P120, P180 - no extra time for any P over 60 minutes

P30 - Double time to 60 minutes

P60 - Double time to 120 minutes

P30 meter - After initial payment double time to 60 minutes

P60 meter - After initial payment double time to 120 minutes

For more information on Mobility parking and Mobility Permits follow this link:



Parking enforcement is carried out under the Ashburton District Council “Parking” bylaw, the Land Transport Acts and Regulations and the Land Transport Road User Rules 2004.

Council’s parking enforcement staff monitor all parking in Ashburton focusing on the Central Business District.

Infringement notices may be given for:

·         Parking at an expired meter

·         Parking in excess of a time limit or in contravention of a bylaw

·         Parking in prohibited areas – broken yellow lines, taxi stands, bus stops, footpaths, mobility parks without a permit etc

·         Inconsiderate parking

·         Any other stationery vehicle parking offences designated by statute such as failing to display a current warrant of fitness or current registration

·         The fine for parking on an expired meter or over a time limit currently varies between $12 and $57 depending on the length of time the meter has expired or that the vehicle has parked over the limit.

·         Other infringement fines vary according to the offence but are usually either $40 or $60.

·         The fine for parking on a mobility park without a permit is $150 and the fee for not displaying current registration or warrant of fitness is $200 for each offence.

Meter not working

If a parking meter is not working you are encouraged to phone Customer Services on 307 7700 and notify them of the situation.

Where you can pay your ticket

You can pay parking tickets at Customer Services Reception at the Ashburton District Council or post a cheque to the Council.

Parking tickets must be paid in full (no part payments can be accepted) within 28 days of issue of the infringement.

If your ticket is not paid within the 28 days we send a reminder. If you still do not pay within the time stated on the reminder, it will be handed over to the Fines and Collections Unit of the Department for Courts. Once your ticket is lodged with the Court, your ticket will also incur court costs and it will have to be paid through the Court system.

Parking Infringements Explanation

We will assess your explanation and determine if the infringement can be waived.

You must provide:

  1. Your full name

  2. Your residential address

  3. Your phone number

  4. Your date of birth

  5. Your infringement number

  6. Your vehicle registration number

  7. Give your explanation providing as many details as you can

Parking Complaints


Some things that may cause concern include:

·         Abandoned vehicles

·         Blocked entrance/parking too close to a vehicle entrance

·         Caravans & trailers left on the street for more than seven days

·         Faulty meter

·         Illegal parking

What we WILL need to know

When you call, we will need to take as much information as possible to ensure we address the problem with the right vehicle or person. This information may include:

  1. Contact details of the owner of the problem vehicle if known
  2. Length of time the problem has existed

Parking Permits

If you are required to reserve a parking space in the Ashburton Business District Permits for building work or road work purposes, or if you need to park in an area to move furniture, objects etc then you should contact the Ashburton District Council. For straight forward short term permits parking hoods for the meters are available.

Parking hoods for meters cost $10.20 per day. You can order and collect your hood from Customer Services Reception at the Ashburton District Council.

For more complex matters a traffic management plan may be required.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

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