Ashburton District Animal Control

By: Ashburton District Council  06-Dec-2011

Council provides animal control services to protect public health and safety and to protect the public from nuisances. This means dealing with dangerous dogs, bee keeping, wandering sheep, poultry and pig farming and more..

If you wish to report a lost dog, a found dog, or a dog issue please phone the council on  307 7700 at any time.


Dogs are great pets, but owning one carries many responsibilities. Dogs have to be fed and exercised, registered and kept from becoming nuisances.


Wandering stock can have dangerous and expensive consequences. Everybody who owns or is in charge of stock animals, including cattle and sheep, must keep them from wandering. 

If a council animal control officer is called to impound stock, a call-out fee of $50 will be charged, along with an impounding fee of $50 per animal. A daily sustenance fee for cattle will also be charged.

There are rules which cover the driving of stock from one location to another, especially where main roads or bridges are concerned. If you are planning to move stock across, for example, the Ashburton River Bridge, then you must contact council.

There are also bylaws concerning keeping stock in town.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

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