Taka Taka - Kids Brights

By: Taka Taka  06-Dec-2011

100 % Cotton, Hand Drawn, Hand Painted and Hard Wearing.

Original & Unique.

Made in Zambia by Tribal Textiles.
They are an amazing supportive group that teach skills to their village people for the people of the village. 
Fantastic to work with and support  as they give so much back to their community!!

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Taka Taka - Wall Art from NZ

Kiwiana / Nature / Panels / Music / Sport / Boys / Girls / Romance / Christmas / Blackboards / Enchanted / Transport. Have a Wall Art Party in the comfort of your own home and view the wonderful colour brochure!.


Taka Taka - Kikoy Collection

The following is our own unique collection of gifts, homeware and garments made here in Amberley, North Canterbury from a selection of Kikoy fabric we have brought in from Kenya. Renown for its vibrant colours Kikoy fabric is not only fun and stylish, but it's also 100% cotton, hard-wearing and extremely versatile.


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Taka Taka - Hats & Bags from Madagascar

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