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By: Canefields Usa  06-Dec-2011
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4 million tons of office paper is consumed each year in the US , but less than 1% of it contains any readily available,

environmentally friendly recovered agro-waste fiber.

Step into the future with Canefields Sugarcane Paper Products.

Canefields environmentally friendly paper isn’t just about “going green”….it’s about working with urgency, efficiency, and camaraderie towards reaching common goals we all share. It’s about innovative solutions for waste from one industry that can be applied to making something new from it in another. It’s about creating the products we need every day only after all the possibilities of negative environmental impact have been eliminated. Through our paper products and environmental paper manufacturing innovations, Canefields strives to embrace the global community with respect for our land, our water, our air, our planet, and all the life that depends on it.

Canefields Products and Distribution  

Product Distribution

Canefields USA, LLC is the exclusive North American importer of Canefields Eco Friendly Sugarcane Paper Products, directly representing Canefields Australia and TNPL. We partner with Converters, Coating Facilities, Contract Stationers, Merchants, Wholesalers, Large Retailers, and Buying Groups that demonstrate firm commitment to environmental solutions. Our customers sell into commercial printers, businesses of all sizes and descriptions, educational institutions, government installations, small office / home office, and end consumers. Contact us today to discuss distribution and licensing opportunities with the world’s foremost environmentally friendly line of office, commercial printing, and converting grade papers.

Product Range

Canefields bagasse based uncoated free sheet papers are manufactured in basis weights ranging from 45gsm to 110gsm. We apply over 20 years of agricultural residue papermaking experience to ensure our premium sugarcane papers are engineered to meet or exceed the quality, performance, and environmental attributes of comparable products. Our papers are produced at a rate of 700 tons per day at the largest and most experienced sugarcane paper manufacturing facility in the world. Canefields Sugarcane Paper Products are manufactured carbon neutral, and Canefields USA, LLC purchases carbon offsets to ensure all products are delivered to our customers carbon neutral. The following is a list of available Canefields sugarcane paper products:

20 lb Multipurpose Copy Paper 93 Bright Sugar White

24 lb Letterhead and Matching #10 Envelopes

Wide Format Engineering Bond Rolls

Printing Papers, Parent Sheets: 50lb, 60lb, and 70lb converted to order in common parent sheet sizes

Printing, Converting, and Coating Grades: 14lb bond to 70lb offset on standard 40/3 reels slit to accommodate your width requirements. Applications include commercial printing, stationery product converting, envelope converting, and base stock for labels, security products, digital printing grades, microencapsulated coatings, thermal coatings, etc.

Small Format / Business Machine / POS Rolls

Stationery Products: Legal Pads, Steno Books, Composition Books, Diaries, Calendars, Wirebound Products, Tablet Products, and a wide range of Envelopes.

Custom Products: call us with your design or ideas.

         Cane  Fields Copy Paper, Letterhead, and Envelopes  

        The world’s most environmentally friendly paper products

        f or  multipurpose applications and corporate correspondence.                


     Stat ionery Range

         We can customize any kind of stationery for you on our sugarcane based

          paper  through our partner network of world-class paper converting facilities.


      Printing Paper Range: Sheets & Reels

        We manufacture a wide range of environmentally friendly printing papers

        for commercial printing, converting, and coating applications.



CaneFields USA Sugarcane Waste Fiber Line of:

Legal Pads in White and Canary, Sizes 8 1/2 x 11 3/4, 5 x 8, and 8 1/2 x 14

 Journal Exercise Books

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