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By: Camdeboo Connections  06-Dec-2011

BI services, end-to-end

Camdeboo consultants will build for you anything from a rapid prototype or a proof-of-concept BI system, to a fully-fledged system addressing the needs of senior management, analysts and information "consumers".

Multi-dimensional modelling identifies the key measures specific to your chosen subject area (e.g. sales, inventory, warranty). It identifies the various business aspects you wish to measure (e.g. products, sales branches and reps, customers, promotions). This leads to extremely fast drill-down "cubes", packed with easily accessible information to support smart decisions.

Camdeboo will guide you through the process. We know that rapid results are important, so aim to deliver a high-value "quick-win" first, then further deliverables in stages. You'll like our iterative approach which involves users from early on and ensures the system meets expectations.

A well designed datamart or data warehouse is usually the foundation of a BI system. The datamart is designed "dimensionally" (as per

's guidelines) to hold the "single version of the truth" analytical data, in a fast easy-to-use way.

The datamart is:

- separated from the operational data and activities to reduce contention,

- scanned for data quality or completeness,

- reorganised to enable speed and simplicity of access,

- extended to include smart derived KPI measures, and

- merged to bring multi-company information together.

However, a datamart is not always necessary!

In some cases, a simple BI solution can be prototyped or implemented without the need for constructing a datamart. Where the operational data can be extracted without effort into a cube-friendly format, smart BI modelling tools will enable full cube building and report publishing without the need for any extra data transformation.

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