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By: Caffé Italiano  06-Dec-2011
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Unlike similar units in the high-end, E61 grouphead dual purpose single boiler category, this is the only model known to have an automatic water refill of the internal boiler. On other similar machines, the operator must always run water through the steam wand to insure that the internal boiler is filled - so the heating element does not damage due to lack of water. On the Fiorenzato Colombina, the auto water refill circuit monitors the water level in the boiler and refills it as necessary. If the water reservoir empties, the machine will shut the power to the heating element. Therefore, this machine can be left on ALL day (of course, a surge suppressor should always accompany this machine's outlet)! All stainless steel body throughout makes this a prize for many homes that will have guests gleen over! Polished front, side and rear! Full sized commercial handles (single spout and dual spout included) are used on the thermically-balanced (a.k.a. Faema E61) grouphead for maximized temperature stability Large removable drip tray for easy disposal and cleaning Small rubber feet to maintain stability throughout Removable cover for refilling water reservoir (2.2 lt) - cups can still be placed on cup warmer as separate cover is on top of tank Water reservoir is easily removable for cleaning or refilling. Spring-activated low water shut-off switch protects the machine when the water reservoir is near empty FEATURE not found on similar machines! Multi-directional wand used for both hot water and steam Three-way manual grouphead solenoid valve allows the quick removal of the portafilter handle once the espresso extraction is terminated. Dual purpose, single boiler machine - boiler has two modes (coffee or steam mode). In coffee mode, you can extract espresso through the grouphead or get hot water from the wand for tea, hot chocolate, etc. In steam mode, you can continuously steam/froth your milk as the boiler automatically refills. This allows you to steam until the water reservoir empties. Three thermostats for temperature control: coffee, steam, and safety Powerful 41 watt ULKA vibration pump Accessories: One cup filter basket, two cup filter basket, one portafilter handle with double spout, one portafilter with single spout, one measuring scoop, and one plastic tamper. W 223mm D 406mm H 368mm.

Keywords: Stainless Steel

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Named after the iconic symbol of Venice, the Fiorenzato Piazza San Marco combines the original designs of the late 1940's with materials and expertise from the 21st century, the result is a machine that has great visual impact, lends itself to the theatre of coffee making and produces excellent espresso based drinks. The Piazza San Marco does not have a fancy electronic control system, an online management device or digital organiser.