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By: Cad Partners  06-Dec-2011
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Six reasons to consider moving to cloud or online accounting?
  1. You can run your business and access your accounts 24/7/365 - from work, home or on the go (see Xero touch).
  2. You can invite others to view your accounts - like your accountant or advisor and provide valuable real-time advice.
  3. Your data is completely secure, stored in the cloud even if your computer is lost or stolen.
  4. Unlike boxed software - there are NO backups, upgrades and NO support contracts to pay
  5. So it's most likely less expensive as well!
  6. Online accounting systems work on Macs or PCs - in fact from your phone like Xero Touch

Which online accounting system do we like best?

It's Xero - (with an X - not Zero with a Z)
  • Xero is probably the easiest online accounting system we've ever used (and we've been helping clients with systems for over 20 years)
  • Xero has automatic bank feeds, with auto suggestion to set rules, so it reduces bookkeeping time
  • Xero has an easy to understand dashboard where you can see your cash position instantly

Yeah - besides that - what will it do for me the business owner?
Xero has been built open to developers who build business apps for it called Add-ons. Think of it like the iphone with its apps. These Add-Ons can make business life easier, are very cost-effective and easy to use. Here are some Xero Add-Ons that all link in seamlessly: Do you manage jobs?
Ask about WorkflowMax - A 3 user system costs $49 a month. Highly recommended and easy to use. This simple system could save $thousands a year. Do you carry stock?
Ask about Unleashed - For on-line integrated stock control. Multi location and currency with a simple dashboard. From $35 a month. Eliminates spreadsheet system mistakes and so easy to use with Xero. Are you in retail?
Ask about Vend - POS that works online and offline, great for product management and retail stock control. This system grows with you. Single registers and stores from $29 a month.
Paypal - Links to Xero easily

Got service people out and about?
Want your online accounting to link with your database or CRM?
Need Payroll?
Into ecommerce?
Ask about Magento - A serious online ecommerce platform that links to Xero and other systems. Catalogue management, product browsing, shipping, customer service and order management.
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Keywords: Accounting System, Accounting Systems, Build Business, Ecommerce Platform, Online Accounting System, Online Accounting Systems

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