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By: Ca Solutions  06-Dec-2011

Repair of CA equipment can’t wait.  At CA Solutions we not only specify, provide and install FCE equipment, we offer full repair and maintenance services for all brands of CA equipment.  In the CA environment the source of a problem is not always obvious. Because the CA Solutions team includes both electricians and refrigeration engineers who specialise in CA, we can get to the source of a problem, where-ever it lies.

  • We have qualified personnel to enter CA Stores in breathing apparatus to gather fruit samples to assist in your ability to monitor quality of product inside store. We have qualified Refrigeration & Electrical personnel able to repair minor faults without compromising the atmosphere inside the store.

  • Due to the regulatory service required for your Pneumatic valves we offer the removal, testing, servicing and general condition checking of internal seals lubricating and re-installation.

  • This is an important part of any CA Store as the ability to maintain correct atmosphere levels in a poorly sealed room can become very expensive in running cost and also time; therefore achieving a 20 + minute test is desirable.  We have considerable experience in pressure testing stores and with this experience we can save you valuable time and money to ensure that if you put quality product into your store you will in turn get quality product out.

Specified Services
No one knows CA equipment like CA Solutions. We service all brands of CA equipment, so we know what works, how it works, when it works, why it works and when its not working.   Whether you are building a new facility, refurbishing or refitting an existing facility or wanting to assess options for improving your CA systems, talk to CA solutions about the equipment that’s right for you.

Product Installation
When you buy quality FCE equipment from CA Solutions the people who sell the product install the product.  That means we take full responsibility for the project and for the equipments performance.
Maintenance of all Brands of CA Equipment
CA Solutions offer testing and maintenance service as well as break-down repair.  Fully trained and equipped with breathing apparatus, we can work inside a CA room while it functions.  Call CA Solutions for maintenance of all brands of CA equipment.

Break-down Assistance 24/7
Whether you use FCE equipment or not, CA Solutions have trained service engineers on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep your CA equipment working.  We travel anywhere in New Zealand to repair FCE equipment and are fast developing a network of accredited FCE service agents in horticultural centres throughout the country.

CA Solutions FCE Parts Service
We stand behind the products we sell.  The company carries all common parts for the FCE equipment we supply, so you are not left waiting.  Other FCE items are available in only four days if the need arises.