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By: Bybumble  06-Dec-2011
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Ginga - The Best Substitute for Alcohol in Town

ByBumble make two types of Ginga:

Ginga Standard and Chilli Ginga.

Ginga Standard is a very spicy ginger cordial. It su

rprises most people with it's power!!

Ginger Chilli is the same as Standard with a chilli twist

Best sipped from a tall stemmed wine glass, through crushed ice.

Ginga is in a class of it's own, this has to be one of the strongest ginger drinks around.

Just add lemonade. It is remarkable how like old fashioned ginger beer it tastes.

Add a tablespoon full to your cup of tea, or slosh some into your soup to give it zing.

Remember, the better the glass, the better it tastes.

Watch out though, a little Ginga goes a long way - this baby has bite! 

Granny's Cloudy Lemonade - She Gave Us the Recipe!
You'll love this number; a deliciously strong lemon drink, consisting of more than 50% pure lemon juice.
You said "take out the sugar", so we did, now it's a winner!
These lemons are juiced in our kitchen and we do not buy in any lemon concentrate.
Currently we are using 'Meyer' lemons

Lemon, Honey and Ginger - Wow
A great winter drink; best with hot water.
There are now two versions of Lemon, Ginger and Honey.
Our new Manuka Honey version is magnificent.
Manuka Honey is quite a lot more expensive so unfortunately our drink has to be more expensive as well.

Orange Squash - The Kids Love It!
100% natural, try it to believe. Another recipe from old Granny!
The skin, zest, pips, the lot are in this one

Keywords: Chilli, Ginger, Honey, Lemon, Manuka Honey