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Keywords: Cutting Blade

Genesis was the original Blackman & White machine, where it all began. And it still remains at the heart of our product portfolio, offering customers incremental leaps in production, for sensible investment levels.

Filling the gap between the economical, adaptable Orion and heavy duty Mastercut platforms, Genesis is the latest addition to Blackman & White range of industrial flatbed cutters.

Its multi-tool head carries rotary or fixed blades, plus our unique oscillating blade and driven ‘pizza’ wheel. This flexibility allows the Genesis to handle applications from PVC sheeting to Kevlar.

The Genesis 2200 offers the ultimate in versatility with a wide variety of blades to suit a multitude of applications. Customers have the option of rotary or fixed blades on a multi-tool head as well as our unique self-sharpening oscillating blade and driven ‘pizza’ wheel. This versatility allows a wide range of applications from PVC sheeting and composites to aramids such as Kevlar.

The Genesis 2300 Conveyor builds on the strength and accuracy of the Genesis range of static bed platforms, the Genesis 2300 adds the ability to cut larger lengths of material on a moving cutting bed, saving space, time, and operator input. It offers all the same cutting blade options as the Genesis 2200 giving optimum flexibility. The AKTI-V tooling suite ensures suitability across a wide range of applications.

The moving bed and continuous feed facility means loading and unloading time is minimal and the length of shapes to be cut is only limited by the length of the material. A vacuum table means that there is no need for the material to be masked or adhered and many layers of material can be cut simultaneously and accurately.

A digital camera option is available to automatically align cut patterns to a digital print – a particularly popular option for digital printers and signage manufacturers. The software cleverly compensates for material stretch and skew so jobs can be loaded on o the machine and processed automatically without any operator intervention.

Genesis Laser: based on our versatile Genesis frame, the Genesis Laser comes with 50, 100 and 200 watt power options. It's the ideal choice for customers looking to cut cleanly and accurately, while ensuring the edge of the material is perfectly sealed.

The laser unit's lightweight construction allows it to be carried on the gantry with no reduction in speed or movement. Carrying the unit horizontally on the gantry minimises the distance between laser and cutting point, ensuring greater accuracy and cutting performance.

Keywords: Cutting Blade

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Mastercut range of Heavy Duty Cutters

The most powerful and durable models in our range, all Mastercut platforms are designed to handle the toughest materials and working conditions found in industrial cutting. Our Mastercut range is supported by a comprehensive on-site training programme and remote support capability, helping keep your downtime and running costs to a minimum.


Orion 2200 Cutter/Plotter

Ideal for both single and multi-ply materials, the Orion 2200 is purpose-built to fit your cutting room, and offers unrivalled control thanks to its easy-to-use control software. Our comprehensive on-site training programme and remote support capabilities help keep your downtime and operating costs to a minimum. The latest version of our popular Orion Cutter/Plotter takes cut-speed and accuracy to new levels.


Tooling & Marking Solutions

The unit shown in the accompanying photographs was developed for a specialized gasket cutting application that required the cutting of a series of precisely placed and perfectly round mounting holes on the margins of the gasket component. If small circles are cut individually with the blade, then cutting speeds are often reduced to the point where the cutting cycle becomes too slow and production runs too long.



All of the Blackman and White flatbed cutting machines can be configured with a plotter pen tool head that allows them to operate as a multi-function large-format plotter, as well as a flatbed cutting machine. Reciprocating blade heads are generally only used for specialist applications where the materials cannot be cut with a fixed blade tool head. A wide range of cutting and marking toolheads are available from Blackman & White.


Software Solutions

Design variables such as material stretch and distortion under load as seen in the Tensile structures industry require complex calculations and modelling. This software also supports unwrapping of 3d models to 2d panels, popularly used in the marine industry for creating boat covers. Inexpensive advanced plug-in modules model the design with optimal material usage.