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By: Buzz Channel  05-Apr-2012

The aim of building an online community of your customers is to improve business outcomes by making it easy for your teams to involve your customers in day-to-day planning and decision making.

Once established, an online community is an invaluable marketing and research tool and it's common to see the programme initially driven by the research team but for demand to widen across the organisation as other teams realise the value of easy and affordable access to customers. 

Our service starts with recruitment and project management advice and may involve some interaction with an organisation's IT team if we are to mirror parts of the customer database in the community fields. In general however, ours is a 'turnkey' solution and requires little of a client's IT team involvement.

Once up and running, Buzz undertake day to day tasks of managing your online community so you can work at a more strategic level to understand what your customers think.

The Community Website

You have an online community, but where is their 'community hall'. Where do they come to see what's happening, check and update their details, perhaps view earlier survey responses or public or private reports you've published?

Many of our clients find online communities a revolutionary way to involve groups of customers in their day to day decision making. But, they find the idea of a special community communications website, under the full control of the marketing and research teams, just as helpful.

An organisation's website usually has many purposes, and webmasters many priorities. Setting up this community site alongside the organisation's enterprise site is one of our valued services.

We can suggest a design or you can give us one. The website is modular to keep costs down, and has an easy to use Content Management System so you can update your own content (or we can do it for you).  

Other products and services from Buzz Channel


Buzz Channel Customer Experience Platform

It may be robust research, but the tracker is also a brand experience for your customers, and we never forget this. It goes to all your customers, not just a sample, and the experience for respondents will more than meet your brand standards.


Online Research, Voice of the Customer, Customer Experience

Many other companies offer research services, including online, but from our start we committed to understand, and be the best at, research with online audiences. Buzz Channel provides four world class online research services, each underpinned by our in-house designed and developed technology platform. Buzzthepeople - New Zealand's highest quality research panel from which we draw respondent samples for client projects.


Quality Research Respondent Panel

If you are going to make decisions based on the research results, you need to be confident you are talking to the right people; people who are the same as your market in their age, gender, wealth, location and attitudes. Buzz Channel regularly review our processes and panel management approaches against international Best Practice and can provide further information on buzzthepeople on request.


Quick Turnaround Research, Online Research

Buzz Insight is a service you use when you donâ??t have a lot of time, you probably have an idea of the questions you need answered and you donâ??t want the distraction of lots of meetings. A call to Buzz and an overnight survey brought the publicâ??s views instantly to the companyâ??s decision makers and the strike was resolved within days.