Bus Service , Maintenance & Repair in Los Angeles, California & Nevada

By: Buswest  06-Dec-2011
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Keeping a bus running effectively is key to a successful bus operation. With our help you won’t be left at the side of the road. With 3 primary bus service facilities in Carson, Fontana & Sacramento we are aptly suited to offer service no matter where you are in California.

Whats more, we have access to even more locations throughout our parent company, Velocity Vehicle Group, and thus have over 150 technicians and 175 bays in the West. We have you covered.

DID YOU KNOW.. we offer mobile service repair in the Sacramento area!

We have four mobile vehicles North of the grapevine and two mobile service vehicles South of the grapevine.

Got a dirty Diesel Particulate Filter? Get it cleaned at Buswest Sacramento!

Offering a 24 hour turnaround time on normal cleanings!

Free pick up of your dirty traps within the Sacramento or Carson area!

Designed for active DPF (2007 OE) and passive DPF (retrofit) emissions devices

For 2007 and beyond, the maintenance of the emissions
devices in trucks will be more complex and vehicle owners may find the dealer shop to be their best
choice for repair and maintenance.

All new buses and trucks will have a removable Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) that will require cleaning. The Donaldson DPF cleaning system is designed to clean DPFs with a diameter range from 11” to 15” and a length of 13” to 20”.

With our unique
• We will help you meet ALL CARB Emission requirements
• Data Logging & Installation, Cleaning, De-Ashing & Maintenance
• We do the paperwork, grant applications, financing.. all you do is call us
• We have facilities statewide: Carson, Ontario, Fresno, Sacramento, Whittier, San Diego
• We have mobile service units to go anywhere the unit is
• Emission Evaluation, Equipment Assessment & Consulting

For other DPF cleaning locations in and around Southern California visit

More than just an engine, they’re computers.

With buses and most new vehicles being produced nowadays, technology is always advancing, so to keep our edge we have 2 full-time in-house trainers who constantly take OEM training classes and then through our training facilities, hold semi monthly classes for our mechanics in order to keep them on top of their game.

Keywords: Bus Service