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By: Business Promotional Products  06-Dec-2011

500 BC, ancient Indians used bird feathers, bamboo sticks.  Ancient Egyptians used thin reed brushes/pens  around 3000 BC.  These were used through the Middle Ages and was slowly replaced with quills from around 7th Century.  Quill pens were used to write some of the Dead Sea Scrolls around 100 BC and were still widely used in the 18th Century to write and sign the Constitution of the United States in 1787.

A copper nib was found in the ruins of Pompei showing metal nibs were used in the year 79. A metal pen point was patented in 1803 but not commercially exploited.  John Mitchell of Birmingham started to mass produce metal nib pens in 1822.

In 953, the Caliph of Egypt demanded a pen that would not stain his hands or clothes and was provided with a pen which held ink in a reservoir and delivered to the nib.  A student in Paris invented the fountain pen which  the French Government patented in May 1827.  Fountain pen patents and production then increased in 1850's.

The first patent on a ballpoint pen was issued on October 30, 1888. In 1938, Lazslo Biro and his brother began work on designing new types of pens including one with a tiny ball in its tip that was free to turn in a socket.  By the summer of 1943, the first commercial models were available. 

Rollerball pens were introduced in the early 1970's.