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By: Business In The Digital World  05-Apr-2012
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What is mobile? Do people actually use it? Why is it important for your business?

Mobile is changing the way people use the Internet and is changing the way customers search for and purchase goods and services from businesses.

Simply put, mobile is a term for Internet access on a mobile phone.  You have probably heard of the iPhone or other devices such as Android, BlackBerry and the Windows 7 Phone.  All of these are mobile devices that allow people to access the Internet while on the go and away from their computers. 

What is fascinating is that these mobile devices are selling faster than desktop computers and laptops.  What is more fascinating is that mobile will soon make up more than half of Internet searches.  Mobile is changing the way the way people do things and businesses must take this in to mind.

How can businesses leverage mobile for commercial gains? 

Businesses can leverage mobile by creating a mobile optimized website or a native software application also known as an “app”.

A mobile optimized website is a website that is simplified so that it is easier for customers to use on the small screen of their mobile phone.  Mobile websites generally contain key facts, easy to access “Contact Us” information and a map of how to get to the businesses point of purchase.

Imagine this…  A person is out and about doing their day-to-day activities, then they run into a problem – they need a coffee, they get a flat tyre or they are  traveling in a foreign town or country.  They face a problem.  That person can’t just drive home, jump on their computer and “Google it”, it is too time consuming.  Instead the person pulls out their mobile phone, jumps onto the Internet and searches for a solution to their problem. 

Soon every business will have a mobile optimized website.  By becoming one of the first to businesses to invest in mobile technology will give your business a competitive advantage both now and in the future. 

By Sam Ovens 

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