Overview of Services

By: Business Boosters  06-Dec-2011

 and Business Plans for LTBV (Long Term Business Visa Applications).

Also Strategic Planning, updating an existing Business Plan, Cash-flow Forecasts, financial transparency, etc.

Delegation process, emergency procedures,

employment procedures (including job

descriptions, the paper trail, company

culture, house rules).

Identifying the business risks, make

provisions for worst case scenarios.

Company concepts, brand

concepts, company presentations,

communication management,

product launches, Public Relations

activities, fliers and brochures,

web-design, market research.


Recruitment (profiles, advertising, evaluation)

team building, facilitating team meetings,

sales training including selling over the phone

Very little of this is taught at schools and unis. Yet it is so important for any successful person in business. - We teach the fundamentals which improve efficiency and reliability dramatically and reduce stress.

         system in the world (Franklin Covey).