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By: Building Blocks  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Hosting Service

1) Domain name
Every website has a domain name eg is our domain name. We can register a domain name for you so all you have to do is think of that perfect name. Just remember, keep it short, its much easier for your customers to remember and spell.

2) Hosting
The Host is a server or computer that stores your physical web site and allows internet users to have access to it 24 hours a day. We provide this hosting service for you. $25.00 per month.

3) Website design
Once the domain name is chosen we can begin the actual building of your website.

4) Updates
This is a service available to everyone. Websites often need to be updated as products or other details change. We charge $80.00 per hour for this service. Find our contact details on our “Contact Us” page.

5) Search engine optimization
This is done on an individual basis depending on the website concerned.

6) Web site statistics
These can be provided and emailed to you. $10.00 per month and includes.
no. of visits, no. of hits, bandwidth usage, which countries are viewing, which pages are viewed and how many hits per page, what search engines have referred your site and how many times, other web sites that link to you, what keywords link to you etc etc etc.

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Keywords: Hosting Service, Search Engine Optimization, Website Design