Bosom Button - Something For Mum

By: Buggy Brolly  06-Dec-2011

Well ladies here it is, the Bosom ButtonTM. The Bosom ButtonTM is new to New Zealand and I am so happy and proud to bring the Bosom ButtonTM to each and every lovely lady!

The Bosom Button


was created by a woman who experienced the same wardrobe problem as women everywhere. One morning whilst trying to properly hide a safety pin in order to keep a wrap dress closed, a light bulb went off in her head! Why not create a pin that is not meant to be hidden, is easy to use and adds style to your clothes? And so Bosom Button


was born!

Product Information

Made with Swarovski crystals and pearl cabochons;
10 colours and styles;
Approximatley 8-mm diameter;
Pin pierces through 7/16" of clothing;
Secure at back with butterfly clutch;
Comes on 2x2" wrapped jewelry card.

Other Uses

Low cut shirts/blouses;
Wrap tops and dresses;
Pashmina shawls;
Shirt gaps;
Bra straps;
Missing buttons;
As an accessory.


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Something For Mum - OptiMUM Products Ltd

I have decided to find the "must have" products for us ladies. You keep checking us out as I aim to bring youmore products. My first product is here - the Bosom ButtonTM.