By: Bug Control  05-Apr-2012

Bug Control is an independent Infection Control Advisory Service providing advice on Infection Prevention and Control issues throughout Australia and New Zealand to a variety of areas, including aged and extended care facilities, emergency services, private hospitals, day surgery centres, office based medical practices, food manufacturing, hospitality and service industries, as well as child care centres.

A Bug Control team member is available to visit your organisation for:

  • Consultation
  • Accreditation advice
  • Education, workshops & seminars
  • Infection Prevention and Control inspections

Areas of Expertise include:

  • Accreditation advice
  • Multidisciplinary staff education
  • Environmental inspection & report
  • Policy manual development
  • Employee health
  • Occupational health & safety issues relevant to Infection Prevention and Control

Bug Control also offers:

  • On site Infection Prevention and Control Mentoring
  • One on one Infection Prevention and Control training
  • Continence Advice

Infection Prevention and Control Education

Infection Prevention and Control education can be provided on site at your facility or you or your staff can attend one of the many education seminars held thoroughout Australia and New Zealand.

A full range of education options is available to your organisation, from 2 hour to full day training sessions on all aspects of Infection Prevention and Control.

On site  education sessions are tailored to suit your needs and can encompass:

  • Nursing staff at all levels
  • Personal Care Assistants
  • Medical Staff
  • Catering, Cleaning & Laundry Personnel
  • Administrative Staff
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Childcare Workers
  • Emergency Service Personnel

Infection Prevention and Control Audits

Bug Control Infection Control Advisory Service is able to provide a full range of Infection Prevention and Control services to your facility.  This can include a review of current policies and protocols relevant to Infection Prevention and Control. The review would encompass clinical services, education, continuous improvement activities relevant to Infection Prevention and Control, infection surveillance, cleaning, catering and laundry services together with preventative maintenance and staff vaccination.  

Following an audit, a comprehensive written report will be provided to you detailing the findings and recommendations for the achievement of best practice in Infection Prevention and Control. The written report will give you a baseline from which to work and your ongoing Infection Prevention and Control requirements can then be assessed.

Infection Prevention and Control Manual

A comprehensive Infection Prevention and Control manual can be developed for your organisation.

The manual would be tailored to your specific needs such as residential aged care, emergency services, general office practice or community services.

Staff Immunisation

Bug Control Infection Control Advisory Service is able to remove the barriers to vaccination and provide vaccinations for your staff on site at your facility.

We are able to:

  • Provide a Registered Nurse immuniser and vaccine delivered to your door
  • Maintain all necessary documentation
  • Distribute support material to assist you to  raise vaccination awareness  amongst your staff

Management Package

With a standardized approach to Infection Prevention and Control,  Bug Control Infection Control Advisory Service is able to provide a cost-effective, comprehensive Infection Prevention and Control Programme for your organisation, with assistance from in-house personnel to ensure ownership and application of procedures and processes.

Such a program will greatly reduce Infection Prevention and Control resource requirements for your organisation and assist with the provision of best practice Infection Prevention and Control to your clients, patients, residents and staff.

Bug Control Membership

Become a Bug Control Member.

For a small annual fee you can receive:

  • Assistance with your Infection Prevention and Control problems
  • Quarterly Bug Control newsletter to keep you up to date with what's happening in Infection Prevention and Control
  • Full access to the Bug Control website including articles of interest, orientation, outbreak management, pandemic influenza and continuous quality improvement activity guides, the Bug Control Infection Prevention and Control manual for residential aged care services, newsletter archives, on line education programmes
  • Access to our reference library