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Bug Control is the leading Infection Prevention and Control consultancy for residential, aged and extended care in Australia and New Zealand. Our expertise encompasses cleaning, laundry and food services and extends to providers supporting these important areas.

Find out how our professional and reliable service can:
  • Assist your facility to meet the requirements of Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines and New Zealand Ministry of Health, Health and Disability Infection Prevention and Control Standards
  • Offer a comprehensive gap analysis to assist you to identify, prevent and manage the risks of infection transmission and outbreaks
  • Ensure costs benefits for provision of the essential infection requirements (education, auditing, infection surveillance analysis and reporting)
  • Provide prompt, professional and up to date, evidence based information for all your Infection Prevention and Control queries and problems
  • Afford you one stop shopping for all your Infection Prevention and Control needs
    • Infection Prevention and Control policies and procedures
    • Education
    • Staff Immunisation
    • Audits and gap analysis

"with Bug Control on board I feel professionally safe"
Renee, Residential Care Sydney

Bug Control is at your service to take
Infection Prevention and Control into the future

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Checking podiatry clinics for bioaerosol exposures

A study done by Irish researchers and appearing in the January 23 issue Annals of Occupational Hygiene surveyed 250 podiatrist clinics to assess personal exposure knowledge and conducted tests in 15 podiatry clinics for concentrations of airborne bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and molds.


Cuddling dying pets gives owners scary infections

A dog owner who licked honey from the dropper she used to feed her pooch, and two cat owners who cuddled and kissed their kitties for days were hospitalized with respiratory illnesses linked to common bacteria the pets harbor in their mouths. Comforting dying pets through their last days turned out to be dangerous for animal owners who wound up with life-threatening infections from the close contact, a new report finds.


Hepatitis outbreak hits Auckland schools

Hepatitis A is an uncommon disease in New Zealand but to keep it that way we need to contain the spread, regular hand washing with soap and warm water then drying thoroughly is the simplest way to prevent spread," Perera said. The best way to prevent the spread of the infection is careful hand washing with soap and proper drying, especially after using the toilet and before eating.



Brenda has worked exclusively in wound care since 1989, initially as a Clinical Nurse Consultant in the public health service, Director of WoundSense and currently as an independent wound care advisorBrenda has been providing an independent wound care advisory service to the public and private health care industry since 2002.