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By: Buddinghtree Consultancy  06-Dec-2011

“Balancing the Needs of Trees and People” is foremost on our mind when we provide our services. We listen to the wishes of our clients and at the same time assess the biological needs of your trees. This allows us to create a high quality advice that results in a harmonious coexistence between the client and his or hers daily living environment. We make use of earth friendly applications that form the ingredients for a dynamic and holistic healing environment. Professional treatment, personal involvement as well as a keen eye for aesthetical issues form the ingredients for a special and well rounded service making it worthwhile to  consider using Buddinghtree.

illustration from: Arbor Scientiae by Ramon Llulls, ca.1295. Woodcut


Holistic Tree Management Consultation-Tree Risk Management surveys–Tree Health Diagnostics – Digital Tree Stability Surveys – Budgeting – Management of roof gardens –Tree dispute mediation– Mature tree relocation – Preparation of tree work specifications – Tree Management on Building Sites – Property management for tree, plant and soil care – Specialist Pruning – Quality Control of Contract work

Private and public tree owners, landscape architects, architects, engineers, local authorities, corporations, arboricultural companies.

Services are supplied throughout New Zealand and abroad.

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Supplied with the microProbe is the 'Drill Control Centre' software for Win 95/2000 which provides a quick graphical view and transfers the raw data into Microsoft Excel®. Sibtec DmP The DmP is a lightweight, battery powered portable tool that uses a 1mm diameter probe to penetrate timber up to 1 meter deep. The tool measures the resistance to penetration of the probe and downloads the resulting data in digital form for analysis.